Berlin den 18.03.2022 Klebe Aktivisten der Letzten Generation wollten heute das Regierungsviertel lahm legen. Hier haben sie die Ebertstrasse vor dem Brandenburger Tor blockiert, wobei sich 4 Aktivisten festgeklabt haben. *** Berlin the 18 03 2022 Glue activists of the Last Generation wanted to paralyze the government district today Here they blocked the Ebertstrasse in front of the Brandenburg Gate, where 4 activists got stuck

The climate activists of the “Last Generation” initiative repeatedly cause a stir with street blockades and protest actions. Among other things, they are calling for oil to be saved and far-reaching measures to be taken against ongoing climate change.

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Most recently, the demonstrators continued their sit-ins on the streets of Berlin on Thursday. Some of the activists stick themselves to the asphalt with superglue, as the press spokesman for the Berlin police reports.

To loosen the glue, the police used a mixture of cooking oil and acetone. With the help of plastic or wooden spatulas and brushes, careful attempts are then made to get under the bond without injuring the skin.

Fortunately, there have been no accidents so far, when the activists stick and drivers overlook the people, for example.

In fact, some drivers have already tried to lend a hand to free the activists from the asphalt. But that should not be done, says the police spokesman. Instead, it is better to alert the police, otherwise, for example, you could quickly report physical harm.

The activists know that the actions are dangerous. “But as our society threatens to collapse as a result of climate collapse, we are willing to face these dangers to prevent much worse,” said the spokeswoman for Last Generation.

From January to March, the demonstrators had repeatedly blocked motorway exits and called for more climate protection. The police issued hundreds of reports. Berlin’s Senator for the Interior, Iris Spranger (SPD), had recently announced tougher action on several occasions.