How much money is spent on Lenin's life abroad

History 20/01/20 How much money is spent on Lenin’s life abroad

the leader of the Russian Bolsheviks Vladimir Lenin lived abroad for 14 years – in 1900-1905 and 1908-1917, Contrary to the Soviet myth, the future “leader of the world proletariat” did not need and hardship, and lived in comfort and prosperity.

what Lenin lived

When the revolutionary Ulyanov first left Russia, he was 30 years old. However, the “profession” in the conventional sense he had – career paralegal was short-lived. Earned Lenin only the translations and publications on the political theme. And while life in Europe was expensive, the leader of the Bolsheviks almost had no problems financially. As noted by his biographer Robert Payne, in the years of exile, Lenin “had to pull three very large fortune”, who themselves “were floating in his hand”. One of those acquisitions, for example, had an inheritance in 7 thousand rubles, which Nadezhda Krupskaya received in 1913 from his aunt.

in addition to the fees for books and articles, Lenin had regularly received assistance from relatives. The mother of the revolutionary Maria had a manor in Kokushkino (now Tatarstan) and the estate in Alakaevka (Samara oblast). Money from the rental of these properties was missing not only her life, but also the contributions of children.


Once in Europe, after several years of exile in Shushenskoye, Lenin lived on a Grand scale. In Munich, he and his wife rented an apartment in Schwabing – populated “Bohemian” district of the Bavarian capital, where life was more expensive than in working-class neighborhoods. As recalled Nadezhda Krupskaya, they “brought obstanovochku”, which was worth about 12 marks (for that amount it had to sell out). Given that the ruble in the beginning of XX century was about 50 cents per stamp, the furniture cost is relatively inexpensive – $ 6. It is worth considering that the average salary of workers in Russia under Nicholas II was 37.5 rubles, and the party paid to Lenin as editor of the party media of 50-70 rubles per month. Lenin’s mother also sent him usually from 35 to 100 rubles.

In London in 1902, Lenin and Krupskaya were filming a new apartment, and in Geneva – a two-storey house with a large kitchen downstairs and three rooms upstairs. But the most “bourgeois” housing the leader of the Bolsheviks who died in the years of the second exile. In Paris, he settled in an apartment on the street of Bonnieux, where I moved furniture from Geneva.

“I Found a very nice apartment, elegant and expensive: 840 frs.+ tax is about 60 frs. Yes, the Concierge is also so a year. In Moscow it is cheap (4 rooms + kitchen + closets, water, gas) at the local expensive. But it will be pagestitle and, hopefully, good,” said Lenin in a letter to his sister.

Thus, every year the Lenin gave for the Paris housing about 1,000 francs – i.e. more than 300 rubles.


As Krupskaya did not like to cook, in those days when they did not lived with the mother of Lenin, the couple revolutionaries actively visited cafes and “restaurants” (and not always it was a cheap institution for workers). But the family still prefers homemade food, which was prepared by mother Krupskaya. European catering Nadezhda Konstantinovna was not happy not only because of the cost:

“in all these “Bicholim tail”, fried in the fat of the rays, cexam Russian stomachs are not adapted”, she wrote.


Lenin bought tickets to the theater and Opera, and this Museum brings it boredom. Sometimes in the summer he and his wife have chosen to live in the wilderness, but did not sleep under the open sky. For example, in the French period of his life Lenin and his family spent a month in a Guesthouse in the village of Bonbon. They were paid 10 francs a day, so the rest were very expensive compared to the Paris rent – a total of 90 rubles.

it is Noteworthy that relatives helped the idle pastime of Lenin. Elder sister, Anna Elizarova-Ulyanov in September 1908 he wrote to Geneva:

“Tyou right, it would’ve needed a vacation somewhere in the mountains and high-calorie diet. Have yourself that.<> Not to send you money? Write, when and how”.

However, the rest was still “cheap” means to preserve health. Treatment abroad was too expensive, even for the Ulyanov family. For example, in England when Lenin got sick with ringworm, he refused medical care for reasons of economy, the visit to the doctor was worth a Guinea (21 shillings or about 10 rubles).

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