How many Soviet pilots were killed in the Korean war

History 17/02/20 How many Soviet pilots were killed in the Korean war

the Conflict on the Korean Peninsula was the first serious confrontation between the USSR and the West in the framework of the cold war. Extremely cautious behavior of the country’s leadership made it possible to reduce the number of victims among the Soviet military to a minimum.

you can not Win

Early on the morning of 25 June 1950, 10 divisions of the South Korean invaded its Northern neighbor. Pyongyang’s counter-attack was immediate. Thus began the Korean war. The American government under the pretext of combating the “Communist plague” has forced the 53 States to adopt a resolution justifying military intervention in the Korean conflict. 15 countries, including the US, Britain and Canada, decided to enter the war on the side of South Korea, North Korea joined the Soviet Union and China.

Feature the Korean war was a clash of large groups in a limited space, which resulted in numerous casualties. For example, more than 80% of the losses of the US army had on the army. The lack of clear superiority of any of the warring sides (about 1 million troops in the Northern and southern coalitions) has led to the inability to resolve the conflict by military means. Apply when the nuclear weapons the Americans did not dare.

PA to the most conservative estimates, killed American troops lost in Korea, about 54 thousand soldiers and officers, more than seven thousand Americans were captured, nearly 400 people missing, 22 people chose not to return home. The two Koreas on this terrible war was short about 9 million citizens, 80% of which were civilians.

casualties of the USSR

until the mid 70-ies of the party leadership denied the involvement of the Soviet military in the Korean conflict. In various documents, premium sheets and funerals it was about the “most important task of the party and government.” Perhaps because of this secrecy of statistical data about victims for a long time varied in the range from 200 to 1500 people.

the Soviet Union in the Korean war was predominantly air force. The conflict was attended by about 26 thousand Soviet pilots, all of them were included in the strike team three divisions of the 64th fighter aviation corps.

Soviet pilots flew in the Korean sky over 63 thousand sorties, taking part in about two thousand air battles. Modern data indicate that for all time of hostilities our air corps lost 120 pilots. Almost all of them were buried at the Russian cemetery in the Chinese city of Dalian (formerly far) – where are buried the victims of Port Arthur. For comparison, the U.S. air force lost 1609 people, of which 1097 were destroyed by Soviet pilots.

Total combat losses of the Soviet Union in the Korean war – 466 people, of whom 299 died (146 officers) and 167 wounded (mostly from ground staff). However, none of the Soviet citizens one way or another involved in the conflict were captured. The loss of the Chinese soldiers in this war were incomparably greater: 60 thousand dead, 383 wounded thousands, of prisoners 21 thousand, 4 thousand missing. The total number of deaths in the Communist bloc exceeded 170 thousand people.

Historian and publicist Eugene Noreen low losses of the Soviet side in the fighting explains the first caution of the commanders, and also the fact that Soviet pilots fought mainly over the territory of North Korea.

Losses in equipment

the Soviet 64th fighter air corps entered the war in November 1950 on his arms were the latest at that time, jet fighters MiG-15. This model is in many ways superior to participating in combat over Korea American machine F-80 and F-84. According to experts, even entered service, the F-86 (sabre) truethe house could compete with Soviet fighters.

the MiG-15 was better than the Sabres on many parameters: altitude, acceleration, climb rate, maneuverability, and armament – 3 cannons vs. 6 machine-guns. However, a literal technical comparison of Soviet and American machines is incorrect, as they were designed to solve different combat missions. The purpose of the MiGs – heavy b-29 bombers and F-86 were hunting for directly by the MiGs.

According to Soviet data the MiGs over the skies of Korea was shot down 69 aircraft B-29, Americans believe that it was destroyed only 16 “Boeing”. As for the MiGs, according to information from the Soviet side were shot down 335 of these machines, the Americans claim from 792 fighters.

According to the military writer Mikhail Baryatinsky the balance of losses of armored vehicles such: in the battle were destroyed 97 tanks T-34-85 and managed to only destroy 34 American armored vehicles. Only Korea in the years 1950-53 have been incapacitated 239 T-34-85 and SU-76. Such losses are largely due to the fact that the average Soviet tank T-34-85 was already an outdated model, markedly inferior in its combat characteristics the newest tanks of the U.S. army.

Having about the same reservation, the American “Sherman” is still superior to the Soviet tank in accuracy and rate of fire guns. We cannot ignore the fact that Soviet armor was ruled by the Koreans, whereas in the “Shermans” were American or British crews.

Despite the minimal casualties of the USSR in the Korean war, it is considered that the outcome for our country was less successful than for the United States. After all, the main goal of creating a United Communist Korea – to achieve and failed. In addition, if USA at the end of the war in Japan and Germany acquired new allies, the USSR Vice versa for a long time spoiled relations with China. Among the advantages of the conflict – to demonstrate worldwide the effectiveness of Soviet fighter aircraft and invaluable combat experience for the military.

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