How many shots can be done from a Kalashnikov at a time

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a Kalashnikov rifle in the world is considered a benchmark of quality and reliability. But, like all weapons, the good old “Kalash” in the application requires compliance with certain rules. The mistakes made during the operation, can cost the soldier’s life.

Right front

in the manufacture of before shooting from a Kalashnikov is often perpetrated a number of errors. It is unacceptable that the butt rested against the shoulder only the bottom part. For comfortable and safe shooting, he needs all the stretch in the shoulder. For that you need to drop your right elbow down.

No less important is the position of the head. It should lightly touch the machine, but do not bend it too much. A significant error is also hanging in the air with the left elbow. They should rest against the pelvic bone.

your Feet should be slightly apart, and socks to dissolve. The feet should not be too close to each other, otherwise while firing from a machine can lose a sense of balance.

to Parse and collect

In the USSR the ability to disassemble and assemble AK included in the list of mandatory. Such knowledge is given in the classroom for basic military training. First of all you need to separate the store, be sure to check whether there is cartridge in the chamber, remove any machine guard. Then pull the trigger with cocking and strictly in order to separate one for another part of the machine. At dismantling it is necessary to lay the parts in the order their offices.

the Greatest mistake is when the weapons are not supplied to the fuse is not observed when the sequence of disassembly and Assembly, ignored checking for the absence of a cartridge in the chamber. No less significant violation – a chaotic and disorderly arrangement on the table of weapon parts.

Extreme temperatures

while shooting from a Kalashnikov, however, like any other machine, the barrel gets very hot. So to touch him immediately after the fire is strictly forbidden. The temperature of the bullet in flight is about one hundred degrees above zero. According to knowledgeable people, after five shots to take on the barrel is impossible.

Very often in movies-action movies hero furiously shoots bursts, continually changing the stores. In reality, the vending machines allow you to fire only in short bursts or even single bullets. Bringing the “Kalash” to excessive overheating is another common in use of this weapon error.

As experts say, due to overheating of the barrel of the AK smoke, and the gun starts to “spit”: greatly reduced the accuracy of firing, bullets are often deflected from the desired direction of the barrel of the trajectory.

Conducted a few years ago bloggers experiment on the endurance of AK showed that the machine in one sitting can produce about 900 bullets with breaks to recharge, then the gun jammed. Naturally, the participants used protective accessories mask and gloves.

Use only as directed

In between classes and halts the machine must be kept on a belt or on your hands. It is in any case can not be put on weapons, cargo and even more to sit on the machine.

However in the Russian army there are stories about how he tested the survivability of the “Kalash”. The machine drove the truck ZIL, he drowned in a swamp, buried in the sand. However, the weapon was demonstrating the wonders of strength and durability. Other fighters, of course, in the civilian world, told how to use the Kalashnikov as benches, racking him like a plank between two stumps. Although the rules of operation any impact on the machine, not related to its direct purpose, is strictly prohibited.

Quick success

One of the basic errors in the use of AK is the inability to properly wear edOMAT, i.e., to quickly prepare their weapons for battle in the event of the sudden appearance of the enemy at close range.

this is Especially true was during the First Chechen war. For example, located on the roof of the house mortar battery fired on entrenched near the militants. The soldiers came down for water to the well in the yard. Buckets were carrying, “Kalash” were behind them. Suddenly the courtyard came the militants and took the hapless soldiers prisoner. Course, convenience they simply do not have time.

the Experts suggest wearing AK on the left shoulder, so you can quickly prepare for battle. In terms of the sudden appearance of the enemy in the vicinity the outcome of the battle can solve even a fraction of a second.

Ivan Proshkin

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