How Hitler planned to

History 18/02/20 As Hitler planned to “saw” the Soviet Union after its victory

Until recently, discussions of options for the postwar future of our country in case of victory of Nazi Germany lay a taboo. All uncritically accepted that there is no future then there would be. But the story is multivariant. And ways in which could be the success of Germany, was also few.

the Dismemberment of the USSR

First of all Hitler was not aimed at the complete takeover of the Soviet Union (even with Japan) or even most of it. According to the plan “Barbarossa”, the German troops had only to reach the line Arkhangelsk –Kirov – Kazan down the Volga to the Caspian sea. Here it was planned to create “an insurmountable barrier against the Asian Russia”. The remaining Soviet territory would not allow him to continue as expected Hitler to become a serious opponent of Germany and an important role to play in world politics. In the device of this continued to be the largest state in the world Hitler to intervene was not going to. Therefore, it could remain Soviet.

in the Occupied territories of the USSR would not have been a single. The leadership of the Third Reich was developed a different, quite controversial plans for its care. Judging by some of them have already started partially implemented in 1942-1943, it is possible to predict the most probable contours of its political transformation.

In the Baltic States, the Caucasus and mountainous regions of the North Caucasus would create a puppet “national government” with a nominal statehood, as it was in Slovakia, Croatia, Serbia Neice, etc. it is likely that would also be created by formal governments of Ukraine, Belarus and “Cossacks” in the South of Russia. Bessarabia and Transnistria, in the region between the Dniester and Southern bug, would be given to Romania, Karelia and the Karelian isthmus to Finland. In addition, Hitler in July 1941 outlined that the Crimea, LaplaIndia and the oil district of Baku must be directly attached to the great German Reich.

Outside of these zones there was still a vast territory of European Russia. Did Hitler create there is a kind of Russian “national government”?

Soviet prisoners of war generals or the white immigrants?

Initially, all the Nazi elite were United in the fact that in no case should not prevent the restoration of Russian statehood, even if in abbreviated form and under full German control.

In some documents of the Reich mention that it would be desirable to instill in Russian occupied territory is the consciousness that they perceived the Russians from the nearby region as foreigners. This implies that the area is actually of great was considered desirable to divide forever. However, the formation of the Reich Commissariat “Muscovy” seems to be contrary to this principle.

Obviously, on the question of state organization the occupied part of Russia, the Nazis were even further away from consensus than the question of how to proceed eventually with the Ukraine, Baltic, Caucasus, and other regions. Even the question of a puppet Russian government did not seem so subversive, when the Wehrmacht began to suffer defeats on the Eastern front.

a Different kind of Russian “national” and “liberation” army with captured Soviet generals or white Russians at the head at first, too, was not encouraged by the leadership of the Reich. These “army” was created on the initiative of the German commanders. The military elite of the Reich has always been a strong opposition to Nazi policy in occupied countries. The military were guided by practical considerations: how to facilitate a victory. For this purpose, it seemed natural and necessary to rely on the “fifth column” in the enemy camp.

the Most powerful collaborationist force was the Russian liberation army under the command defected to the Germans of General Andrei Vlasov. But her status became legal only in 1943, and the real fighting force of it began to form only in the last months of the war.

In November 1944, Vlasov, along with leaders of such collaborationist formations of the various peoples of the Soviet Union created in Prague “Committee for the liberation of peoples of Russia” (ACPD). Theoretically, this body could become the provisional government of the territory of the USSR, whether it was created before, or if Germany by some miracle, managed to turn the tide of war at the end of it.

basically, Hitler, turn it to the problem of creating a puppet government in the occupied territory of the USSR before, it was for this, two mutually exclusive human resource: captured Soviet generals and officers (almost all – formal the Communists in the Civil war on the red side) and white Russians who hated the Communists. The agreement between the two was hardly possible, and the Nazis was very reluctant to serve as moderators in the squabbles of the “Eastern barbarians”. Direct management of the occupation seemed to them easier and preferable.

Hitler would have preferred Stalin

the limitations of the task which Hitler forced, due to geographical conditions, set in the war with the Soviet Union, suggests another scenario – the conclusion of peace with the Soviet Union, a kind of second edition of the Brest peace in 1918.

In recent years, some historians exaggerate the version that the catastrophic defeat of the red army in summer 1941 was deliberately provoked by the Soviet leaders to undermine the people’s trust for Stalin’s regime, to overthrow it, and then conclude with Hitler an honorable peace. Among the initiators of the conspiracy is completely unsubstantiated called famous Soviet generals of world war II, including Zhukov. Let’s leave these “versions” on the conscience of their authors and refer to more precise information.

Rotate Stalin and Hitler to face each other in August 1939, largely due to their similarity as dictators. Hardly was not sincere words one HundredLina, proclaiming after the signing of the nonaggression Pact a toast to the health “of the great leader of the German people Adolf Hitler”.

According to the testimony of the Minister of foreign Affairs of the Reich, Joachim von Ribbentrop, Hitler spoke respectfully of Stalin and said that after his victory will give him full use of one of the best castles in Germany. However, this testimony relates to 1943, and admiration of Hitler was caused by the fact that under Stalin’s leadership the USSR was able to recover from heavy defeats and the tide of the war.

However, it seems highly likely that if at some point in 1941-1942, the two leaders were able to find a mutually acceptable compromise, Hitler would conclude a peace Treaty with Stalin, leaving him unrestricted ruler for the rest of the USSR territory. In this Alliance there is nothing impossible, nor was it impossible for twenty-two months before the war.

Yaroslav Butakov

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