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History 31/12/19 Like Hawaii could become part of Russia

On the island of Kauai, part of the Hawaiian archipelago, you can see the ruins of the “Russian Fort Elizabeth” as he is called here. From a more detailed examination it turns out that the island was once two Russian fortifications, named in honor of Alexander I and Barclay de Tolly.

the Struggle for Hawaii

Hawaii, after opening them in 1778, English Navigator James cook (which is in the same place and died), pretty soon attracted the attention of European and North American entrepreneurs. On the Islands grow sandalwood trade that brought a good profit. Of course, broke and competition for Hawaii.
Even in primitive tribes there is a policy, and the natives of Hawaii already can not be called primitive. Although iron is they just learned from the Europeans (and quickly appreciated its quality, and very soon mastered, and firearms), but the Hawaiians were engaged in agriculture, and among them was a struggle for supremacy over the whole archipelago. Europeans started to support those native chiefs who were willing to provide them the most benefits in developing the resources of the Islands.

Dr. Schaeffer

At the same time, in the late eighteenth century, for the management of the Russian possessions in Alaska were founded by the Russian American company (RAC). Pretty soon she was engaged in the colonization of not only Alaska, but some neighboring lands to the North Pacific ocean: California, the Kuril Islands.
In 1813, in Alaska there was a German naturalist Baron George Schaeffer. He lived quite the adventurous life. He emigrated in 1809 to Russia, was master of the Masonic Lodge, and helped his compatriot Franz Leppich managed to build a balloon for the bombing of the troops of Napoleon (the venture ended in failure). Then decided to go in search of adventure on the sea. It is unknown what exactly happened, but with the subottom “Suvorov” when it sailed to Russian America and Schaeffer was put ashore as “a person intolerant”.
Officials CANCER in Novoarkhangelsk (now Sitka) has welcomed the scholar and took him to the company physician and surgeon. Over time Schaeffer began to execute the instructions in a more responsible character.

Hawaiians are asking for Russian citizenship

in the Autumn of 1815 Schaeffer was sent to agent CANCER in Hawaii on the American ship “Isabella”. With him were several armed employees of a company. The objective of the mission was to rescue the captured natives ship CANCER Bering.
First, Schaeffer arrived to negotiate the release of the vessel and reimbursement of losses to Kamehameha, who called himself the “Supreme king” of Hawaii. But pretty soon he realized that his title means nothing: each island had its own sovereign leaders. Bering was wrecked on the island of Kauai. In may 1816 Schaeffer went there.
Kauai is the farthest from Hawaii, the big island of Hawaii. His chief of Causally ruled quite arbitrarily, only in words recognizing the sovereignty of Kamehameha.
Schaeffer’s Talks with the leader was very successful. Kaamwali not only agreed to return to the ship along with the cargo. 21 may 1816, he solemnly took the oath of allegiance to the Emperor and autocrat of all the Russias. Schaeffer was from the face of the leader letter to Alexander I with a request for acceptance under the Russian protectorate. Causally put the letter his seal.
Schaeffer launched a vigorous activity in a big way in the future. Agreement dated June 1, 1816 king of the island of Kauai has provided CANCER a monopoly on the trade of sandalwood. In addition, he highlighted Schaeffer, and five hundred of his subjects for all the works. With their help, and were built three Russian fortifications on the island.
the Main one, stone, Schaeffer was named after the wife of Alexander I, Empress Elizabeth. It was put in the mouth of the river Waimea, renamed enterprising nemsam in “Volga” (Schaeffer gave all the place names on the map Kauai German and Russian names). Two other fortifications, named above, were simple earthen ramparts, and their remains have not survived. Subjects of Causally also built a fortification on the other island that belonged to Kamehameha.

Without support

In September 1816 purchased by Schaeffer for CANCER in the U.S. brig “Avon” sailed to Archangel with the original agreements between Schaeffer and Causally. To them Schaeffer has added a request to send to Hawaii at least two Russian warships to support Russian human rights on the island.
the Governor of Russian America Alexander Baranov scared “arbitrary” actions of his subordinate. He cancelled the deal on the purchase of “Avon” and has written on Kauai orders to Schaeffer to refrain from further actions to consolidate the Islands in Russian possession. However, he sent the documents received in St. Petersburg, where the Board of the company. But there’d have to wait more than a year.

In defence

Foreign businesses initially feared Shaffer, believing that behind him, the mighty Russian Tsar. Many Europeans and Americans arrived to open for service. Having learnt that the CANCER has left his agent without support, they proceeded to hostile actions. Especially tried by the Americans.
First, they have set up a Kamehameha against the “separatists” of Causally. Residents of Kauai were driven from the realms of “high king”. In March 1817 to Hawaii came four American merchant ship. Their crews, along with military subjects Kamehameha landed on Kauai, and began to ravage the settlements of the islanders. White, who served from Schaeffer, they sent an ultimatum to leave the Russian agent. Most obeyed. The islanders have ceased to hope for a Russian, as the promised help never came back.
Trapped with a handful of followers in the fortress, Elizabethan, Schaeffer in June 1817 agreed to an honorable surrender. To him and company employees were allowed uplyt on vessels of CANCER “Ilmen” and “Myrtle-Kodiak”, stationed in Hawaii. After the evacuation of the Russian fortifications on Kauai was razed.

the Inglorious assignment of

Meanwhile, in St. Petersburg, not knowing about the dramatic events that unfolded in Hawaii, was made a fateful decision about the fate of the Russian colonies on the Pacific ocean. The CANCER Board was guided by the same principle as the Governor of Alaska – “what if something happens.” It is afraid to act independently, and transferred the question to the Minister of foreign Affairs Karl Nesselrode. He asked the Supreme monarch’s will in February 1818, put the resolution:
“the Emperor deign to believe that the acquisition of the still Islands and their voluntary admission to the shelter not only can not bring Russia any good, but, on the contrary, in many respects, very important inconvenience…”.
thus ignominiously ended the only attempt of Russia to establish itself on the Islands of the Pacific.

Yaroslav Butakov

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