Here are the hot topics that marked the week.

The wish of Prime Minister François Legault could be granted. Canada and the United States have reportedly reached an agreement on irregular migration that would see Roxham Road closed as the President of the United States arrived in Ottawa on Thursday.

Despite a 50% risk of recession and budget deficits, the Legault government lowers the taxes of 4.6 million Quebecers as promised by using the credit card. That tax break, “the centerpiece” of its budget unveiled Tuesday, averages $370 a year.

Emmanuel Macron is almost without regret. The hotly contested pension reform must be implemented “before the end of the year”, he said in a much-anticipated television appearance on Wednesday.

Donald Trump is unlikely to be charged or “arrested” this week in New York as he announced on Saturday. The prosecutor investigating the former president of the United States accused him on Thursday of having “created a false expectation” in the media over a case with unforeseeable political consequences.

Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping praised on Tuesday the entry into a “new era” of their “special” relationship with Westerners during a three-day trip by the Chinese president to Russia.

The search for victims in the rubble of the building that was engulfed in flames in Old Montreal continued this week. A first victim has been identified, it is Camille Maheux, 76, whose body was found last Sunday.