Biography 18/01/20 Abel Yenukidze, Joseph Stalin and Maxim Harcigny “libertine Kremlin”: what Stalin has shot Abel Yenukidze

the October revolution has ascended to the commanding heights of many people who could not resist the temptation of power. One of them was Abel Enukidze – a family friend of Joseph Stalin. Becoming after 1917, “the Kremlin supply Manager”, Yenukidze engaged in sexual abuse of underage girls. However, in 1937, that alone was not enough to “bury” a major party figure. So I shot the “old Bolshevik” for espionage in favor of foreign intelligence services.

the Way of “the godfather”

Abel Yenukidze was especially close to Stalin through acquaintance with the family of his wife Nadezhda Alliluyeva. The Georgian government together with the Russian Marxist Sergey Allilueva at a time when the latter lived in Tiflis. Both worked in the railroad shops. In 1901, the alliluyev and his wife Olga asked Yenukidze to be the godfather of their daughter Hope. Hardly Caucasian railroad could have imagined how important is to play this fact further. Since 1900, Enukidze had known Stalin, the future husband of his goddaughter. After the October revolution, Abel Enukidze was appointed Secretary of the USSR Central Executive Committee.

“Not playing a political role, Yenukidze took, however, a major place if not in life then in the life of the ruling elite. The fact that in his hands was concentrated the superintendence of the household of the CEC: from the Kremlin to the co-op products are dispensed only notes Yenukidze,” wrote Leon Trotsky.

In the conduct of the native of Georgia was the organization of banquets for party officials. And if Lenin a bottle of wine was considered a luxury, then gradually a new elite was no longer myself in something to deny. It is known that Stalin feasted at night almost until his death.

the earth under the feet of Abel Yenukidze rocked until 1935, in St.yahzee with “Kremlin case”. “It became clear” that even they hired cleaners and telephone operator along with hundreds of other employees of the Kremlin was involved in the conspiracy to assassinate Stalin. Former caretaker withdrew from the Central Committee of the Communist party, entrusted instead to lead the Caucasian resorts and Kharkiv blastocystis. In February 1937 Yenukidze was arrested – then surfaced the criminal details of the private life of 60-year-old Bolshevik.


the Basis of “business Yenukidze” was standard in those days accusations of treason and espionage and of involvement in the assassination attempt on Secretary of the Central Committee of the CPSU(b) of Andrei Zhdanov. However, along with it mentioned “debauchery” party leader. That in reality was hidden behind this formulation, the contemporaries told with disgust. Old bachelor, which, according to Trotsky, was characterized by extreme shyness, over the years, the Kremlin has rejected not only the “party of morality”, but all shame.

clear evidence left Maria Svanidze – the wife of the brother of Stalin’s first wife. In 1935, she wrote in her diary that Abel Yenukidze used the position to “buy” girls. For years, the victim of his desire and became younger, a veteran of the revolutionary purposefully recruited women with daughters of a certain age. And among them were many non-party and gentlewomen.

“Being erotically abnormal and obviously not a perfect man, he every year went on more and more young, and finally reached the girls in 9-11 years, corrupting their imaginations, corrupting them, if not physically, then mentally,” wrote Svanidze.

Being a libertine, Yenukidze did not tolerate morally sound employees. Like matching party nickname “Golden fish”, he “gave” favorable positions in the same uncool people, like himself, for example, the fathers, the thrower family. These men caretaker often drove with the annoying himself with mistresses.

the Doctor of historical Sciences, Boris Ilizarov, in the book “Joseph Stalin in masks and masks” even makes the assumption that “young persons too” Yenukidze could “put” and old ally of Kobe. It may, Stalin, and removed the “caretaker” as a dangerous witness, and not for the support of Zinoviev and Kamenev (this version was supported himself Yenukidze).

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