Celebrities and $ 75,000 per year, or $ 1 million for the rest of your life, as much as it costs to become a member of SNCTM a seksclub, which presents itself as the most prestigious in the world.SNCTM and is located at Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, california, but it also hosts world seksfeestjes, where most of the elite of the elite, and the great ones of the earth come to. That celebrities are feeling right now, however, the sweat breaking out: Damon Lawner (48), the owner of the SNCTM, has announced that he will write a book about what is all going on inside the walls of seksclub.

Where the rich people are, there are almost always celebrities. That allows SNCTM-eigenaarDamon Lawner, who was in the American media, says that he has a lot of award-winning stars and his clientele can rely on. “Because she’s in our discretion to be able to do what they would not be able to”, what it sounds like.Those who toetreedttot the club will get a lot of privileges. Thus, the members of the SNCTM (a shortened form of Sanctum , ed. access to the private seksruimtes, they may seek advice from the experts, and be able to participate in a sexual ‘bloedeed’.According to the owner, Damon’s still have “only” 11 men and women, that will dark ritueelvolbracht.

Join SNCTM, it is not only expensive, it is also a deep process: – applicants have to upload photos of their full body to be seen, and must have a letter of schrijvenover in their deepest fantasies are, and what they really did is too much. In addition, they must indicate to whom they are already familiar with SNCTM, and what they are (sexually) do to the club and its members.

The owner of the SNCTM will soon launch a book in which he, in his own words “shocking revelations,” will be writing about the star, who is a member in the club.“I’m going to be the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, as much as my lawyer and the publisher for me to allow it on a piece of paper. I will describe not only the hoeSNCTM it is, but to write everything down, from what I’ve seen and experienced it in my club.It is thrilling to read.”