Hockey players of Poland left Kazakhstan without the Olympics

In Kazakhstan ended the Olympic qualifying hockey tournament of four teams that contested the permit on the Olympic games in 2022. The owners of the ice was the undisputed favourites, but unexpectedly lost in the final match the team of Poland – 2:3.

Representatives of Kazakhstan and Poland has confidently defeated the rivals from Ukraine and the Netherlands, like in absentia competing with each other face-to-face before the match: the hosts beat the Dutch (7:1) and Ukrainians (8:1), and the poles have achieved victories over the land of tulips (8:0) and “yellow-Blakytny” (6:1).

But the decisive match was not exactly according to our Eastern neighbors, whose team was composed of players of the Continental hockey League. Kazakhstan conceded two goals, were always playing catch-up, but in the end did not catch up with rivals, losing by only one goal difference. In the meaningless final game of the tournament, Ukraine beat the Netherlands with 3:0.