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In the last few days and weeks, financial matters have always been a big topic. Purchases, sales, loans in both directions, the transfer period was particularly difficult at Hertha BSC. In the end there was a surplus of around 18 million euros. “I’m glad that we now have clarity,” says Sandro Schwarz, looking at his squad, which has changed quite a bit recently.

The coach also spoke of an account on Friday afternoon. This has to be paid for further. However, Schwarz was not concerned with financial matters. But a currency called performance, which should fill the “reward account”.

Then, Schwarz is sure, something will come back that Hertha urgently needs: victories. So far, things have looked pretty good in the B grade for the most part, but another important account is still almost empty: the one where the points are kept. It is one point after four games and is currently only 17th place in the Bundesliga.

“If the boys continue to do exactly this, they will be rewarded at some point,” says Sporting Director Fredi Bobic. The next chance to do so is on Sunday at FC Augsburg (3.30 p.m., live on Dazn) – the Berliners should take advantage of it urgently. That would not only look good in the table, but also boost self-confidence: “Then the group can continue to grow,” says Bobic.

Hertha has two points less than the opponent. Nevertheless, the conditions seem favourable: Augsburg shouldn’t be as strong as their previous opponents, lost three out of four games and rarely convinced. But therein lies a danger. The expectations of Hertha’s fans are high: please finally get the first win. “It’s a fine line to walk,” says Schwarz. No one should think, “We’re getting a lot of praise, so it’s just our turn now.”

But confidence and anticipation can and should be there in any case, Schwarz believes: “We have to keep the good content and stick to the points that need to be improved.” Both on the defensive and especially when scoring goals.

It is not yet clear who can help with this. Central defender Filip Uremovic is allowed to play again after his yellow-red suspension, but was recently injured. “He’s a candidate for Sunday,” says the coach.

The same goes for new signing Agustin Rogel, also a centre-back, who joined from Estudiantes de la Plata. After the long journey from Argentina, the 24-year-old is still a bit tired, says Schwarz: “But he fought a few duels very robustly in training. That’s what we want to see from him.”

According to Schwarz, the chances of playing for striker Stevan Jovetic, who had to stop training at the beginning of the week, are “50:50”. And Marco Richter made a good impression in training. The midfielder made his comeback after suffering testicular cancer in the 0-1 draw against Borussia Dortmund and may already be someone for the starting XI in Augsburg. Richter had played for FCA for almost ten years from 2012. First in the youth, then in the pros.