History 02/01/20 “Here with me it happened”: the mystery of the last visit of Brezhnev

As we know, Leonid Brezhnev died in November 1982 from cardiac arrest. Shortly before his death the Secretary General made several trips around the country. He has visited and Tashkent. It was there that Brezhnev was an unpleasant history, the consequences of which, according to Andrei Burovskii, author of the book “long live “Stagnation”!”, Leonid Ilyich never recovered.

Stroke and clinical death

Serious health problems Leonid Brezhnev began in the late 1960s — early 1970-ies. If you believe Stephen Kotkin, author of the book “Armageddon Averted. The Soviet collapse, 1970-2000”, in November 1974, the Secretary General had his first stroke. However, Yevgeny Chazov, who treated many high-ranking officials, argues that in fact, Brezhnev survived only one myocardial infarction and then, when he held the post of first Secretary of the Communist party of Moldova. This version sticks to the Victor Eremin. The author of the book “100 great intrigue” writes that Leonid Ilyich was simply some pills, and fell literally in a deranged state, in connection with which the KGB and put the word out about stroke.

Eremin refutes the assertion that in 1976, with Brezhnev happened clinical death. According to Eremina, at that moment began the struggle for the position of successor to the head of the country. And that’s all. Nevertheless, many biographers still mention the story of clinical death. So, brothers Swannery, the authors of the publication “the Edge of ripe hawthorn: the untold history of Russia, XX century”, wrote that in 1976, Brezhnev suffered another stroke, resulting in fell into a state of clinical death. After that, the health of Leonid Brezhnev left much to be desired: he suffered from asthenia, atherosclerosis, and was able to devote no more than two hours a day.

the Incident at the aviation plante

Despite the presence of many diseases, and dependence on drugs, Leonid Brezhnev continued to travel around the country, even in the last months of his life. In March 1982, Brezhnev came to visit to Tashkent. There, according to Mr Medvedev in his book “the Sins of Brezhnev and Gorbachev. Memories of the bodyguard”, was planned festivities on the occasion of awarding the Uzbek SSR the order of Lenin. It is worth noting that in an aircraft factory, where Brezhnev and misfortune, he never had to go: the program was already saturated. However, Leonid Ilyich insisted that the meeting at the plant still held.

it is Clear that to see the Secretary-General wanted to many. In the shop gathered a lot of people. A good part of them was on the scaffolding that stretched across the whole shop along the body of the plane. According to Alexey Pimenov, the author of the book “Pure murder party”, the whole mass of people moved through the forests after Brezhnev, and at some point the structure could not stand and collapsed, and, on the place where was Leonid Brezhnev. The forest was quickly removed, and Brezhnev pulled from the wreckage with a broken ear and a broken collarbone.

After Tashkent

Alexey Pimenov reports that the General Secretary did not even do surgery on a broken collarbone was afraid that the heart will not stand. Despite this, Brezhnev continued to participate in public events. He was present at the may day demonstration and even stood on the mausoleum November 7, 1982. And on 10 November of the same year Brezhnev died at the state dacha in the District of heart failure.

it is Worth noting that after the incident in Tashkent, Brezhnev, who felt, to put it mildly unwell and experienced severe pain, asked Yuri Andropov not to punish anyone. At least, so says the author of the book “the Case of Galina Brezhnev. Diamonds for a Princess”, Eugene Dodolev. Leonid Ilyich called Andropov and said: “Yuri, here with me the misfortune happened. Only I ask you, are you there anyone head not ruby. I blame myself. Went without warning, although I tried to dissuade”.

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