Leave it After three months of rehabilitation in a paardenkliniek in Lummen is French ezelinHope fully recovered after being in France, was shot in the head.The animal that has become the mascot of the Fondation Brigitte Bardot. As it is, thanks to the animal rights organisation, the well-known actress is that the dog Leave, the townspeople, and the horrible hoofdwonde known to have survived.

“We, with all our hearts to the solution for the project,” says Charlène Leroux, the animal rights organisation. “It’s the mascot of our foundation, and she is so sweet and kind.” It is a story of Hope is a very, very horrible. The ass has been badly abused, and she is the head shot with a shotgun. With a gaping wound as a result.

In all of France dared not a single vet in the ass to operate. Thereupon, the organization with the Hope to Leave, to paardenkliniek Equitom. Surgeon Tom Mariën was up to the challenge, in conjunction with a plastic surgeon for them. “We will have to have its head rebuilt, with a sort of flip,” explained He of. “But, in such operations there is always the risk that the flap might die. Therefore, we have to Hope for another three months, kept her full of antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs are given.”