Henry Aynzidel: why the great-grandson of Bismarck called to surrender to the Germans

Biography 26/12/19 Henry Aynzidel: why the great-grandson of Bismarck called to surrender to the Germans

This “hope Hitler” shot down at Stalingrad in August 1942. Historians have different interpretations of the biography of the Luftwaffe officer, before his capture and after. With Heinrich Insides, who lived to 86 years, and even visited the Bundestag, own version — he left a memoir.

the Young count fell to the ground

As the newspaper “Version”, “the aristocrat and the great-grandson of the first Chancellor of Germany” the count von Insidery to 1941 are under 20 years old. Information about how he got into the Luftwaffe, where he studied piloting, not published. Yes, and the Aynzidel in the memoirs they dropped. According to the “Version,” Hitler supposedly said Insides as the embodiment of Aryan status to say: point “rustle” Stalingrad, believe in you.

In the memoirs of Insides “diary of a captured German pilot. Fighting on the side of the enemy. 1942-1948” describes the count’s “exploits” (they supposedly shot down airplanes, the successful fights before he knocked out his “Messerschmitt”). Documentary evidence of this data there.

the memories of his last dogfight “as Luftwaffe” laments the fatal combination of circumstances that led to the fact that it was hit; if he took the time to bring down our LaGG. A lot of attention Aynzidel in his memoirs, devotes one for the Soviet pilots was a Hero of the Soviet Union.

How it behaved in captivity

this subjectively can be seen in the memoirs of Insides — they are interesting even to those, like Hitler’s Luftwaffe pilot justifies the transition of “under the banner of Bolshevism”. First, the young man admitted: he is a distant relative of Bismarck. According to the memoirs of Insides, Russian this fact was perceived as a kind of sensation. The prisoner immediately made it clear that “Nazi Germany was wrong, fighting with the Soviet Union”. Aynzidel writes that the Russian he was constantly beaten — “not” saidlied. In his autobiography, German many details concerning the “processing” of an ancestor of Bismarck, which the pilot eventually succumbed.

the Popular German edition Spigel writes that a descendant of Otto von Bismarck already in the summer of 1943 as one of the prominent figures of the political and organizational centre of anti-fascist “Free Germany” enlightened (including radio) former brothers in arms, calling to stop participating in the useless war against the Soviet Union. Spigel notes in particular: the main ideologist of the Third Reich Joseph Goebbels had to engage in counter-propaganda in response to the speech of Henry Insides, and given the status of a new enemy — the Minister of popular enlightenment and propaganda called him “an aristocrat, for convenience, are sold to the Communists.”

according to Spigel, Aynzidel was the “reformation” in the Krasnogorsk prisoner of war camp. According to this publication, there ideologically reborn Luftwaffe officer even began to read Marx. The weekly writes that ” numerous interrogations and the conversations are much more cultural than it [Aynzidel] expect from Nazi propaganda…”.

Aynzidel in captivity not only published an appeal to Hitler’s troops to surrender arms and voiced their radio messages., but went to the front, it is used (as the great-grandson of Bismarck) to the speakers to convey to the Germans on the other side of the trenches information about the inevitability of the defeat of Hitler.

Until 1947 Aynzidel he was imprisoned in Soviet camps. In 1947, he joined the socialist unity party of Germany (SPD) and worked as a journalist in the Pro-Soviet newspaper Tägliche Rundschau, goes in the Soviet zone of occupation in Germany. The promoter was allowed to emigrate.

As a descendant of Bismarck became a member of the Federal Assembly

According to the official website of the Bundestag, Henry Aynzidel they have in the lists is as a writer and “professional soldier”. Since the late 1950s, a descendant of Bismarck was engaged in active political career was the SPD, then in the party of democratic centralism. In 1994 73-year-old military retiree was elected to the Bundestag on the list Saxon socialists. Died Aynzidel in 2007. As a politician in the German Federal Assembly, it did not show itself.

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