xmhx - Helene Fischer am 20.08.2022 auf dem Messegelände in München Helene Fischer bei ihrem einzigen Konzert 2022 in München. Foto: osnapix Helene Fischer - Live in München *** xmhx Helene Fischer on 20 08 2022 at the exhibition center in Munich Helene Fischer at her only concert 2022 in Munich Photo osnapix Helene Fischer Live in Munich MH

Hardly any rain for months. And then it poured cats and dogs over the Munich exhibition center – just when hit star Helene Fischer invited to the spectacular open air on Saturday evening. 130,000 fans brave the bad weather and don’t let it spoil their mood.

When the singer appears on the huge stage, there is great cheering and even the sun comes out for a few moments. “I thought my heart would break into 1000 parts,” said Helene Fischer in view of the crowd. “That’s what I’ve been missing for so long.” It’s the 38-year-old’s first big live performance after a break.

Because of the corona pandemic, the long-planned open air had to be postponed. The dimensions are huge: a 150 meter long stage, dozens of cameras and 5000 helpers. A traffic concept should prevent chaos. Crowds and waiting times on the subways and parking garages are still unavoidable in the crowd. The license plates show: Visitors have come from all over the country.

And Helene Fischer’s fans will not be disappointed. After the surprising introduction by her former partner and hit star Florian Silbereisen, the singer heats up vigorously. It starts with songs like “Exactly this feeling”, “Love is a dance” and “Error-free” – although she “is not used to anything anymore”, as she says, panting heavily in between.

She hovers on ropes several meters above the audience. She changes her outfit several times – from a laced dress with fringes to a black body with black trousers to a bright red and skin-tight suit.

Helene Fischer polarizes like few artists in this country. But regardless of whether you like her music or find it unbearable: the singer is always a phenomenon and she also brings people from all age groups together. Families, seniors, teenagers are there.

The rain subsides over time. The fans are already soaking wet anyway. The water is standing in the shoes. Even rain capes are of little help in the heavy rain. They stick to clothes. For many fans, shirts with Helene lettering shimmer through the thin plastic ponchos.

Helene Fischer says she wants to celebrate life again after the long Corona break and present her album. This is associated with many emotions for her, also in view of her “new situation”. Because: “I’ve become a mom.”

She is all the more worried about the future, she says, and gives the viewers a few quiet moments: Everyone wants nothing more than justice, love and peace, she says, with a view to this “war, which is also inexplicable to me” – although she almost never talks about political issues. The song “When do we wake up” reflects her thoughts: “Let’s look again with our hearts” and “Let’s build bridges out of all the walls,” it says. Fischer was born in Krasnoyarsk, Siberia, in 1984, but came to Germany with her family when she was a small child.

From her new album, the singer also performs the title song “Rausch” and “Vamos A Marte”, the ballad “Hand in Hand” dedicated to her “soul mate” and the farewell song “Luftballon”. When she sings her best-known hit “Atemlos durch die Nacht” shortly after 10 p.m., numerous spectators are already streaming from the exhibition center in the direction of the underground station and parking garage.

As a bouncer, Helene Fischer lifted the celebration song “Zero to 100”: Thousands of cell phone lights shine in the stands and in the arena. The audience sing along with the lyrics: “One day we will say: You and I, we were there (…) And we will remember, because this is big.”