14.10.2020, Berlin: Herbstlaub liegt bei Regenwetter in einer Pfütze auf einem Gehweg. Foto: Jens Kalaene/dpa-Zentralbild/ZB - Honorarfrei nur für Bezieher des Dienstes ZB-Funkregio Ost +++ ZB-FUNKREGIO OST +++

Severe storms followed days of great heat in parts of Europe and also in Germany on Thursday. The thunderstorm cells largely passed Berlin – but in the east of the city there was heavy rain in the early evening.

Almost 24 liters per square meter came down in Köpenick, as reported by the Berliner Wasserbetriebe. After all, it was still 17 liters in Friedrichshagen and twelve to 13 liters in Grünau and Biesdorf.

In Köpenick, streets were flooded by the thunderstorm. Tram lines 62, 63 and 68 had to be partially diverted. A Twitter user reported that the S-Bahn station was partially under water.

The ground couldn’t absorb that much rain in such a short time even where it wasn’t sealed.

The thunderstorms also passed over the east of Brandenburg. As reported by rbb, citing the Northeast regional control center for the districts of Oberhavel, Barnim and Uckermark, roads were also flooded there and trees were also broken by the storm.