Edson Arantes to Nascimento, better known as Pele, has faced problems. The King of football depression. This son of the great Brazilian Edson Cholbi Nascimento, or simply Edinho, explained seclusion Pele.

“He’s pretty weak after he carried out surgery to replace the hip joint. Rehab isn’t perfect, and he had the problem with the movement. As a result of this he developed something like depression. Imagine, he, the King, has always been impressive, and now even walking normally can not.”

“He was ashamed, he does not want to go to the people, and to be seen. He doesn’t want to do anything that involves leaving the house, quotes the words of Adino Спорт24.Ru. He became very shy, and now leads a reclusive way of life.”

To interview Edinho about 78-year-old Pele was known that he carried out the operation to remove stones in the ureter. The operation was conducted in one of the Paris hospitals. The legendary Brazilian was discharged from the medical institution on April 15.

Recall that Pele is the only player in the football history who have won three world title.