Have bought one dose: as a family girl with a dangerous diagnosis waiting for from the Ministry of health enforcement

Parents of five-month-old Sofia Darbinyan with spinal muscular atrophy had to buy one dose of the drug “Noninert” (“Spinoza”), despite the fact that they won a court of the Novosibirsk Ministry of health. One bottle costs about 8 million rubles.

What mom says Sofia Darbinian

the Ministry of health of the Novosibirsk region had to immediately execute the judgment and to provide the necessary cure Sofia Darbinyan: until the end of the year the girl needed four doses.

the Mother of Sophia — Anastasia Darbinyan says that they’ll have to buy one dose of the drug to survive until September — this month, most likely, will purchase announced by the Ministry of health of the region yesterday, August 4. But if the purchase is delayed, then the family will have to buy a second dose.