Hans Sharff: as the best German investigator a

History 04/02/20 Hans Sharff: as the best German investigator “split” the prisoners

For captured airmen of the allies, the Nazi leadership created the Frankfurt camp, where the positions of investigator worked obergefreiter Hans Sharff. Due to its methods that exclude any violence, he was able to obtain from the prisoners the secret information. After the defeat of Germany, Sarff became known and taught the secrets of American experts.

Before the war, Hans Sharff lived in South Africa and sold cars. In 1939, he came to Germany to stay with relatives, but because of the outbreak of hostilities to return to Africa, where he left a wife and two kids, could not. A few years Sharff received a summons and ended up on a two-month courses, after which, it was waiting for the Eastern front. To avoid sending to the USSR helped communication. Thanks to my former Manager was on duty when the Frankfurt camp for pilots.

captured Soviet fighters with the necessary information received with the help of beatings and abuse. With American and British troops, whose countries signed the “Geneva Convention” to work was more difficult. The document obliged the prisoner to give only their name, rank, serial number and other information not allowed to voice. Hans Sharff knew English, and since 1943, the camp was entrusted to him the work of “cracking” protected by the Convention of the US air force pilots.

get the position, like all investigators, corporal Scarff used a method of intimidation. During interrogations, the interrogating officer told the pilot that if he doesn’t cooperate, it will be deprived of the status of the prisoner and perekvalificirovat spy. The sacrifice of a comfortable camp will be moved to a Gestapo prison, where prisoners were beaten, starved, not allowed out of their cells. Some of the pilots gave up and posted what I knew, but still the performance was low.

Twhen Sharff decided to adopt radically different tactics. He was dressed in a business suit and changed her cuffs and screaming in friendship to the prisoner. When the new pilots arrived, they were anything but smiling and friendly man in civilian clothes.

depending On the actual scenario between the camp administration and the prisoners provoked a new conflict in which Scarff stand on the side of the latter. In a conversation he tried to convince Americans that he is a friend and will always protect his interests. Search for “pressure points” the investigator studied the personal belongings of the prisoner and allegedly beat him for walks in a nearby forest.

the Scarf played the role of a simpleton, and eventually the prisoners were relaxed. One of the pilots he specifically said that, in his view, the US has problems with the supply of certain chemicals. Early tracer bullets from American guns only had red, and now white. The pilot adjusted the “near” chief efrejtora and said that the white tracer is armed at the end of the tape and should warn the pilot that the ammunition is running out. Received Sharpham information, on the same day transferred to the headquarters of the Luftwaffe.

the Performance of Hans Scarf has reached 90% and he began to trust the “die-hards”. For example, the Scarf “split” commander of the 56th fighter group of the Hubert Zemke, American as Dwyane Buffalo let slip about the impending landing of allied troops in Normandy.

After the war, Hans Scarf passed the test and avoided incarceration. On the contrary, his work is interested in the USA, where he lectured for employees of Pentagon in which sharing of practical experience. Subsequently, the methods of Scarf came in the American textbooks intended for the training of interrogators of the security services. The former corporal, together with his family moved to the United States and took up painting. For the Cinderella castle in the Park Disney world Scarf completed the mosaic, which today it decorates.

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