ARCHIV - 25.07.2022, Hamburg: Das Containerschiff «HMM Gdanks» der Reederei «HMM» liegt im Waltershofer Hafen am Container Terminal Burchardkai (CTA). Im Hintergrund ist die Köhlbrandbrücke zu sehen. (zu dpa-Meldung «Tschentscher fordert vom Bund mehr Engagement für deutsche Häfen») Foto: Julian Weber/dpa +++ dpa-Bildfunk +++

Hamburg’s Mayor Peter Tschentscher has asked the federal government to do more for the German seaports. Belgium and the Netherlands took a targeted approach with national port strategies and supported their most important ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp, he told the German Press Agency. “In Germany there is no active national policy on the part of the federal government to support the ports.”

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With the Greens politician Claudia Müller, who is based in the Ministry of Economic Affairs, there is a maritime coordinator for the federal government, “but she works very much in the background,” as Tschentscher said. “When it comes down to it, the port cities are on their own with their decisions.”