Gymnast Soldatova in a state of moderate severity. Visitors

Multiple world champion in rhythmic gymnastics Alexandra Soldatova has continued to receive adequate medical care in scientific research Institute Sklifosovsky. The doctors forbade visits to the chamber gymnasts and appreciate that Sasha is in “average condition”.

a Source close to the leadership of Sklifa, told reporters that 21-year-old Soldatov is not in a normal house but in the psychosomatic Department of the Institute of ambulance, reports RIA Novosti. Doctors do not provide information on the treatment and rehabilitation of gymnasts.

yesterday in a number of publications have reported that Soldatov was in the hospital on the background of developed bulimia and cut wounds of both hands. Alexandra herself allegedly told reporters that “did something stupid”. Later, however, the athlete denied the information that in the hospital after a suicide attempt. Gymnast said that just “cut myself in the kitchen.”

Messages about suicide one of the leading “artists” of Russia categorically denied and Irina Viner, President of the national Federation and head coach, accused of dissemination of false information “yellow press”.

But I think if the suicide Soldatova can not speak, the problems with the overall health of gymnasts actually exist. On 8 September last year, Alexander lost consciousness during the final stage of the challenge Cup in Portugal. Sources in the national team reported problems gymnasts with weights and nutrition.