Gusts knocked down the heat: forecasters told when in Novosibirsk will calm down wind

In Novosibirsk today, on 4 August, the wind picked up — gusts in some places can reach 11 meters per second. Forecasters said when the weather will become calm.

— Wind of North-Eastern region with gusts up to 14 m/s in the city now gusting to 11 m/s. It’s just windy weather. There is no dust but mud like this. In the North of the territory there is a confrontation between the anticyclone and the cyclone. Their border turned out of jet stream, — the chief of Department of weather forecasts of the Novosibirsk meteorologist Marina Vinogradova. To 7 August, the wind will weaken. But today, tomorrow he will continue. But not so heat could be felt.