Summit on climate change At the climate change summit in New York city, the Swedish klimaatactiviste Greta Thunberg, a clear message to the world is given. “How dare you?” You have been in my dreams, and my childhood was stolen. You have failed”, she said.

The leader of the world’s klimaatbeweging said at the start of the summit, in a room full of world leaders to date. “My message is that, you can in order to love. This is totally wrong, and I wouldn’t even be allowed to have”, and put it on the shore. “I should go back to school and have to sit on the other side of the atlantic. And yet, you look at our young people, for a lot of. How dare you?” You will have to have my dreams come true, and my youth is stolen, with your empty words. You will have failed.”

“I am one of the lucky ones. A lot of people will suffer and die, and entire ecosystems collapse. Right now We are at the beginning of a mass extinction. And are you talking only about money, and about the fairy-tales of eternal economic growth. How dare you?”