Gregory Berry: what wrote to Stalin, the father shot the Commissar

History 13/01/20 Gregory Berry: what wrote to Stalin, the father was shot Commissar

As you know, Genrikh Yagoda, former people’s Commissar of internal Affairs, was shot in 1938. Father Berry, Gregory Filipovich, knew very well what he and his wife facing the stigma parents of an enemy nation. That is why the Berry is a senior and decided to write a letter to Joseph Stalin.

the Arrest and execution Berries

the Career of the former head of the NKVD Genrikh Grigoryevich Berries collapsed in the second half of the 1930-ies. According to Mikhail Ilyinsky in his book “the people’s Commissar Yagoda”, in the autumn of 1936, Yagoda was removed from the post of people’s Commissar of internal Affairs and was appointed Commissar of communications of the USSR. However, in this post, Henry G. was not late in 1937 he was taken into custody. The accusations against him was brought a lot of it is contacts with Leon Trotsky and other enemies of the people, and plotting a coup and espionage. The situation for the ex-Commissar complicated by the fact that he made many of his associates.

However, according to the materials of the case, Berry himself admitted most of the incriminated acts. Moreover, according to Borislav Klareskog, author of “1937”, he did it absolutely voluntarily, without torture. Sklyarevsky claimed that Henry G. flatly rejected accusations of working for foreign intelligence, but about how he sent money to Trotsky, told all the details. Berry was sentenced to death, which was carried out on 15 March 1938. It is noteworthy that the sentence he received because only “conspiracy” about the spying it was not walking.

Letter to dad

Relatives of Henry Berry were well aware of what may be the whole story. Therefore, father Berry, Gregory Filipovich (Hershen fishelevich), which in the old days, according to son, he worked as a jeweler, he hastened to write a letter to Joseph StAlina. An excerpt from it is given in the book by Leonid Mlechin “KGB. The Chairman of the state security. Declassified destiny.” In his address to chief Gregory Berry recalled the fate of his other sons, Michael and Leo, who died fighting against the autocracy, but also stated that he had actively supported the party. In particular, Berry, Sr., told us that in 1905, at his apartment there was an underground printing.

in addition, Grigory Filippovich complained about the difficult financial situation, as neither he nor his wife did not receive pensions. By the way, it was true. In the example in the book of Alexander Severus “Secrets of Stalinist repression” the interrogation of Henry Berry States that his father is a dependent. But most importantly – Gregory Berry in his letter, had actually forsaken his son. He assured Stalin that Henry long moved away from him and mother, but because they can’t bear for it any responsibility. Berry, Sr. begging him to provide him and his wife a peaceful old age in the “happy Soviet country.”

the fate of the relatives of the people’s Commissar

As expected, in this letter Gregory Berry no reaction followed. As correctly stated by Simon Sebag Montefiore, author of “Stalin: the court Yard of the red monarch”, together with a convicted official is usually destroyed his family, friends and even mistresses. It happened with many relatives of Henry Berry: some of them were arrested, others deported, and someone was shot. Simon Sebag Montefiore says that soon after the conclusion of the Berries into custody was executed by his brother-in-law and father-in-law. Wife of Henry G., Go Averbakh, sent into exile. But very quickly, this punishment was replaced with execution. Auerbach died three months after her husband.

Parents of Henry Berry, Gregory F. and Hase is she, as his wife, at first, too, were expelled. According to the decision of the special meeting of the NKVD, they were sent to Astrakhan for a period of 5 years. However, pabout the author of the book “Forbidden Stalin” Basil soimy, in may 1938, they were both accused of counterrevolutionary activities and sentenced to 8 years in labor camps. Neither Grigory Filippovich nor Hase is she such tests is not moved. According to Vasily soimy, the first died a few days after his arrival in Vorkuta camp, and the second died in January 1940 in Sevvostlag. They were rehabilitated in 1960.

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