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Gregor Gysi (left) visited the punks on Sylt, who set up a protest camp in the middle of Westerland. This is reported by “t-online”. Just last week, former Bundestag President Wolfgang Schäuble (CDU) visited the camp and discussed it with the punks.

According to “Abendblatt”, Gysi gave the punks advice. You should invite the district administrator of the district of North Friesland. He could address the demands of the punks politically.

According to the “Abendblatt”, the punks are calling for a big show with fireworks ignited from vehicles on Sylt. What is to be achieved with such a Remmidemmi is completely unclear.

But serious political issues were also on the agenda: The newspaper reports on exchanges on issues such as housing and tax justice. The Linke Gysi was able to gain sympathy from the punks on these topics: “I think that homelessness violates human dignity and is therefore against the constitution,” the “Abendblatt” quotes him as saying.

Gysi is also said to have offered to act as an intermediary with the Sylt municipality. According to the “Abendblatt”, Gysi wants to contact Mayor Nikolas Häckel directly because of the lack of mobile toilets for the protest camp. The member of the Bundestag also called for the punks to be able to compromise: “There are compromises that have to be made in order to achieve a higher goal,” said Gysi, according to the report. That belongs “to a democratic culture”.

The mayor of the municipality of Sylt recently criticized the protest camp, which takes place in the immediate vicinity of his town hall. “There is a lack of infrastructure in every way,” he says “t-online”. But the assembly authority of the district of North Friesland had only recently accepted the camp in the immediate vicinity of the town hall as a political assembly.