Got game. Skier Clabo broke a finger on a slot machine

the Triple Olympic champion in cross-country skiing Norwegian Johannes Clabo because of a broken finger to miss next world Cup, which will be held in Falun. 23-year-old athlete told how he received the injury.

According to Klebe, he was vacationing with friends at the bowling alley. After the game, the company saw a machine for measuring force. The Norwegian decided with all his strength to hit the punching bag to win the competition. And he managed to score the most points.

However, the joy of victory, the skier has not experienced since when you hit reserve the other slot machine and immediately felt a sharp pain. Clabo immediately realized that something was wrong. A silly hand injury, the Norwegian said in his video blog on YouTube.

Recall that the stage of the world Cup ski races in the Swedish Falun starts on 8 February. In the overall standings leader Russian Alexander Bolshunov. Clabo behind him at 235 points.