A group of Senate Republicans called on President Joe Biden to fulfill them at the negotiating table since the recently elected president indicated that he could proceed to pass on a new $1.9 trillion coronavirus help package with Democratic votes.

Ten Senate Republicans composed Biden in a letter published Sunday their smaller counterproposal will comprise $160 billion for vaccines, testing, therapy and personal protective gear and will endure for more targeted relief than Biden’s plan to issue $1,400 stimulation checks for many Americans.

“In the spirit of bipartisanship and unity, we’ve developed a COVID-19 relief framework which builds on past COVID help laws, all which passed with bipartisan support,” that the Republican lawmakers wrote. “Our suggestion reflects a lot of your stated priorities, as well as your aid, we think this strategy could be approved immediately by Congress with bipartisan support.”

The telephone Biden to provide bipartisanship discussions longer comes as the president has shown signs of impatience amid rising calls from the liberal wing of his party to pass on his $1.9 trillion laws through funding reconciliation, a procedure which would enable him to maneuver the huge bill with just the aid of his Democratic majority.

The Republican lawmakers didn’t disclose the general price of the proposition, though they stated it’d be smaller compared to the $1.9 trillion cost of their Biden bundle.

“My expectation is that the president will meet us and we will have the ability to work something out that’s bipartisan,” said Ohio Sen. Rob Portman, among those 10 GOP senators signing the letter.

Brian Deese, the top White House economic advisor that has been leading the government’s outreach to Congress, said government officials were reviewing the correspondence.

Deese indicated the White House may be amenable to negotiating with Republicans in their proposition on additional restricting who’d get stimulation checks.

“That is surely a place that we are prepared to sit down and consider, are there ways to make the whole package more successful?” Deese stated.

The two Portman and Deese talked on CNN’s”State of this Union.”