Multimedia-the Why of smart speakers in the living room en masse to conquer, it is only logical, as they make our lives a whole lot easier. And, Google’s Nest and lifts up with its new Hub, the level of which is higher. The intelligent device offers a crisp display with the command line, visually, answers, and support. In addition, it acts as a device as well as the central device for all your smart devices in your home.

Google’s Nest is, at last, in Belgium it is available, allowing you, for example, the Flemish radio stations you can hear. Google’s Nest, are both in the Hub and the Mini. The main difference between the two is that the Google’s Nest, the Hub is not only a full-range speaker, but it is equipped with a 7-inch LCD touch-screen. You will not only find answers to your questions, but, if desired, also be visual instructions. Commands such as, ” Hey Google, show me how to make a pineapple-cut, on YouTube, in that way, it is perfectly possible.