Style is Google’s Project for Second – with a touch-sensitive fabric technology – can present with a surprising comeback. Fashion, Saint Laurent, announced that it is just that they have the technology and incorporate it into their P-E’s of smart city. This will be a multi-touch shoulder strap, which will be connected to a smartphone to operate.

The technology has already been incorporated into the smart jacket is from Levi’s and are working with a release tag in which the battery and the hardware inside to sit. Once paired with your phone, can you operate it with the four gestures on the touch-sensitive area on the front of the left shoulder (up and down, swipe, double-tap, and everything will be covered.

The pack, and will, therefore, be roughly the same way as the jacket is from Levi’s. That’s to say, you’re playing music, navigating via Google Maps, and some of the notifications in their diet.