three gold medals on the first day home of the world Championship in Luge. Russian athletes triumphantly launched at the championship in Sochi, leaving no chance for rivals. On a difficult track, at breakneck speeds, the Russian team showed a high level of mastery of cornering. The fight is not even for hundredths, and thousandths of a second, as well as a huge overload, the strong support of the audience and tears of joy on the podium.

Roman Reprov in his attempt shows the best result. But there is still the performance of his rivals. The fate of the coin decides only one race. For each of Reprov watching with bated breath. Among the audience is experiencing and wife. Finally, the last athlete finishes. Reelow second rejoices and peremahivaet ice chute into the stands to fans. Golden exclamation mark the first day of the world championship in Luge.

“it was Very responsibly. No, I wasn’t expecting — went relaxed. I came out and showed that not everything is so simple,” boasts a world champion in Luge Roman Reprov.

But this coin could not be: two days Reelow not trained, later came the sleigh, before the start of cut finger on the spikes on the gloves. The silver prize-winner Gerhard Gleirscher from Austria was won by 0.006 seconds. It seems that fate itself has returned to the Russian debt. Twice Austrian for 0.004 seconds ahead of Reprove. But not today.

At home the world championship the Russian team is strong as ever. Tatyana Ivanova — the leader of the season in Sochi her silver. In 008 seconds ahead of Ivanov, another Russian woman — Ekaterina Kadnikova, in the step of the podium stopped Victoria Demchenko. The President of the Federation Luge of Russia Natalia Garth holds all races in the legs, meet the athletes at the finish line.

“Even cried, — says the President of the Federation Luge of Russia Natalia Garth. — From joy. It was cool when Kate took the gold. Very suddenly.”

the PRKester plays in honor of the winners, today is the only Russian athletes.

Set the pace of the crews of twos. Luge is not by chance compare with the “Formula 1” on the ice. Severe overload, the speed under 140 km / h. Detail here, even the shoes are special — aerodynamic. Foreign crews off the track before reaching the finish line. Alexander Denisov and Vladislav Antonov 17 Sochi turns overcome immediately. They bring Russia first gold at the world Championships.

“the Sochi track is heavy, especially for foreigners. But sport is sport”, — underline the world Champions in Luge Alexander Denisov and Vladislav Antonov.

In Sochi is booming again Russian national anthem in honor of the winners of the Russian Luge.

Four medals, three of them gold — the historic achievement of the Russian Luge. A young and strong team of Russia has rewritten all records of the world Championships. Still have to play four sets of medals. And needless to say that the Russian athletes step into them?!