A Film He took last weekend at the airport of Ostend and the A for Best Actor, and is currently just about the hottest star in the country, but ‘Girl’-the revelation of Victor Pad is not going to be that successful right away, to redeem it. “I want to finish my degree,” says the 17-year-old from Brussels.

The career of a Cushion seemed to be solidly launched, thanks to “Girl”, which tells the story of a transgenderballerina Lara is told to them. The movie was the Belgian entry for the academy awards and the Golden Globes last year, it was the various festivals and also a lot of prizes to steal, and then scored again last weekend But. Actor Victor’s Pad turned out to be even a prize for the Best Actor.

And so there were quite a lot of offers for the young Brussels, but is now making such a drastic choice. “I’ve decided I don’t like to focus on my dance training at the Royal Ballet of Flanders in belgium. I am now in my final year, and after that, it is the intent of that is that I work as a professional dancer,” says Polster. He is the red carpet now, so should be used for the school, it is not really a problem. “This adaptation is better than expected,” he explains. “I just don’t have the time to be an acting and dance career and to combine it, because, as a ballet dancer you have to work very hard. I’m going to be there, not that I have been able to, on the contrary. Hence, my decision to take my acting career, for now, is on hold to be put on. Though I keep hoping that I have another great opportunity for me.”