Georgia’s Department of Labor seeks $28G in repayment
The Georgia Department of Labour demands the repayment of unemployment benefits to current and former employees of an Atlanta Restaurant group. They claim that the employer made errors in filing unemployment claims.
WXIA TV reports the state labor agency seeks nearly $28,000 from Kacey Carlson, a former employee of Rocket Farm Restaurants. Ford Fry, the Atlanta-based chef, manages 11 restaurants in metro Atlanta, four of which are Superica.
Carelson stated, “That’s half of my year’s salary.” “I cannot live if that’s what I have to pay back.” The whole situation has taken me aback.

Kersha Cartwright, spokesperson for the Department, stated that mistakes such as misspellings or incorrect Social Security numbers, or wages, could result in unintentional fraud and trigging benefits payments. She didn’t say how much money was requested by the Labor Department from Rocket Farm Restaurants employees, or what error led to overpayments of benefits. Cartwright stated that unintentional fraud is not common.

Cartwright stated that “we’re responsible for managing state and federal money.” “So, if funds were sent to the wrong person we have to recoup them.”

In an effort to expedite benefit payments and keep employees on the payroll, the department required that employers file unemployment claims before the outbreak.

She stated that the department was working closely with employees and the company. She suggested that employees could file a waiver in order to have the debt forgiven.

Carelson is now employed by another restaurant group. She said that she has made several appeals and submitted her waiver. However, she has not received a reply. Rocket Farm also stated that it is having difficulty communicating with former workers.

“It’s intimidating, it’s nerve-wracking. Carelson stated, “It’s terrifying. I have lost sleep many nights and panicked about how to pay it back.” “What if they garnish wages as they claim. Are they going to put me in jail for fraud?
Rocket Farm claims it has received overpayment notices from “numerous employees” and has been asked for records by the Labor Department regarding certain employees in 2020. Rocket Farm stated that it had submitted revised earnings statements to employees and committed to pay any penalties or interest imposed by the department due to inaccurate wage reporting.
The company stated that it was an “extraordinary process” during an “extraordinary time”, and they are committed to supporting their employees by correcting inaccurate unemployment submissions.