Genrikh Lyushkov: as a traitor of the NKVD was preparing the assassination of Stalin

History 22/01/20 Genrikh Lyushkov: as a traitor of the NKVD was preparing the assassination of Stalin

In January 1939, the Soviet Newspapers published a TASS report: “on January 25, the border troops of the Georgian SSR has destroyed three people who were trying to cross the border from Turkey. These three Trotskyists, backed by the fascists. Dead found guns, hand grenades and detailed maps of the area. The purpose of the criminal group was the murder of Joseph Stalin, who is in Sochi. However, the advance guards learned of the criminal plan and killed off the attackers”.

In this message, the Soviet people had been told the truth. But, as usual, is not all.

Career advancement son of the Odessa tailor

In 1936-37 the head of the NKVD of the Azov-black sea Krai was appointed energetic, agile, dark-haired man with fashionable at that time, mustache brush and unruly curly hair – Genrikh Samoilovich Lyushkov. He was only 36 years old, but Henry Samoilovich had by that time already very rich biography. He was born in Odessa in the family of a poor tailor. Like many young people from Jewish families, Henry became an ardent revolutionary. In 1917 he joined the RSDLP(b), fought in the Civil war, served as political Commissar. In 1920 Henry Liushkov – Deputy Chairman of the Transnistrian KGB, by 1931, already the head of the secret political Department of the GPU of Ukraine. He was soon transferred to the Central apparatus of the OGPU. Took an active part in loud processes of the time, was composed of “triplets” has become a confidant of the all-powerful Berry.

As chief of the NKVD in the Azov-black sea Krai, Genrikh Lyushkov was personally involved in the organization of protection of Stalin’s dacha in Matsesta. To the case treated in good faith, giving guarded so that the mouse does not slip by. The cottage is a small two-storey mansion was located on top of the mountain. To climb the slopes was impossible, they are all overgrown prickChim with bushes and were mined. From the air the cottage is not visible because it was located in the shade of tall pine trees. Around were put up guards. In addition, the shore was a war ship at the nearest airport – two fighter.

Here Stalin, who suffered from pains in the joints, took healing baths in quiet and solitude.

the Operation “Bear”

However, this silence was almost broken. If the operation is “Bear”, taken by the Japanese government, proved successful, she would go down in history as one of the most daring and high-profile assassinations.

it all Started with the fact that appointed in 1937 as head of the NKVD of the Far East Genrikh Lyushkov felt above him the clouds are gathering. He had survived the fall of his patron Berries. The new people’s Commissar of internal Affairs Yezhov felt the credibility Lyskovo, and he kept all of his titles and awards, despite the fact that many of the surrounding Berries were arrested and punished. However, in 1938, Liushkov was to do the compromising. In may 1938 he was released from his duties as head of the NKVD in the Far East and summoned to Moscow. A seasoned security officer immediately realize what that means. He crossed the border with Manchuria and surrender to the first border guard. The defector the rank of Lieutenant-General was immediately sent to Tokyo.

Here Henry S. told all that he knew about the organization of the Soviet defense on the border with China, on the methods of terror, the work of the NKVD, etc. Especially the Japanese interested in the period when Lyushkov worked to protect Stalin’s dacha. So did the idea of “operation Bear.”

Liushkov knew the only weak point in the protection of Stalin’s dacha. In the bath Department could penetrate through the pipe, which had received mineral water. Diameter it was large enough, and at night it was filled only half. Through the tube you can get to the baths, where were on duty only two guards. After killing them the terrorist would get into the bathroom, where Stalin had aboutobyknovennye to be completely alone.

the Plan was good, and the Japanese began to prepare terrorists from among the whites. At the same time, in the best traditions of the ninja, the path of retreat was not even discussed. All participants of operation “the Bear” knew that they were bombers.

the failure of the operation

Meanwhile, the Chinese in Dairen the police almost caught the resident of Soviet intelligence, who worked under the nickname Leo. Resident missed, his personality remained unclear, however, it was clear that he was informed about the operation “Bear”. However, the attempt was decided not to postpone. A group of terrorists, which included 7 people, including himself Liushkov, sent by boat to Italy, and from there in complete secrecy to Turkey. In Istanbul they went ashore, and the boat was transferred to a desolate area near the border with Soviet Georgia. “The other side” was planned to be reached after passing through a mountain gorge. However, very soon the group was ambushed, it opened machine-gun fire. Three militants were killed, the rest, among whom was Lyushkov was able to go to Turkey. It is obvious that the guards were well aware of the time and place of crossing the border.

the end of the traitor

Lyushkov continued to cooperate with the Japanese intelligence until the defeat of the Kwantung army. In the most common version in August 1945 he was invited to shoot, not to get captured former colleagues. As Henry S. hesitated, he was helped by Japanese officers. According to another version, he tried to exchange for high-ranking Japanese prisoner of war, and Lyushkov had tried to escape. Then he was caught and strangled to death by the Japanese guards.

Olga Melnikova

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