Gennady Yanayev: what did the head of the emergency Committee after the liberation

History 22/01/20 Gennady Yanayev: what did the head of the emergency Committee after the liberation of

Many historians believe that the real head of the emergency Committee was Vladimir Kryuchkov. However, the nominal head of the Committee still was Gennady Yanayev, who assumed the duties of President. Subsequently, he along with his associates was arrested. Despite the early release, career of Gennady Ivanovich was over.

the Leadership putsch

Many years Gennady Ivanovich Yanayev dedicated Komsomol, party and trade Union work. In December 1990 he was appointed the first and only Vice-President of the Soviet Union. While it is in this position, janaev and became nominal head of the State emergency Committee (emergency Committee). As writes M. S. Binova in the publication “History of public administration in Russia”, in August 1991, the members of the emergency Committee declared the incapacity of Mikhail Gorbachev (in fact, the President was not sick and allegedly were blocked in foros), therefore, according to the USSR Constitution, the acting President was appointed Gennady Yanayev.

according to Yuri Storchak, the author of the book “Russian collapse”, August 19 Boris Yeltsin, Ruslan Khasbulatov, and Ivan Silaev, in its official statement said that the actions of the participants in the putsch is nothing like a real coup, and therefore the Committee came to power, is illegal. On the morning of 21 August, Gorbachev went above-mentioned silane and Alexander Rutskoi. Mikhail Gorbachev with his family safely returned to Moscow, and the members of the GKCHP were arrested. Among taken into custody for obvious reasons, was Gennady Yanayev, who at that time already signed the decree on dissolution of the Committee.

Imprisonment in Matrosskaya Tishina

Gennady Yanayev with his colleagues was imprisoned in the detention facility “Matrosskaya Tishina”. As of the decreebut in the book “Hooks. KGB on the eve of the putsch”, the first members of the emergency Committee was accused of treason. However, after some time, in connection with absence of structure of crimes, the General Prosecutor’s office the charges against those arrested were acquitted. In November 1991, they were declared conspirators, intending to seize power. How to write a General Valentin Varennikov, who took part in the August event, in his memoirs, “Case emergency Committee”, changed the charges, it was interrogation, and a number of accused had become less. At some point, due to illness of the lawyer dropped out of the process and Gennady Yanayev.

In the end, in January 1993, Yanayev and other members of the Committee was released, a year later a criminal prosecution against them was discontinued altogether in the country announced another Amnesty. Despite the fact that the agreement on Amnesty entails automatically an admission of guilt, Gennady Ivanovich to abandon it did not. Yanaev, if you believe the brothers Salinarum, the authors of the publication “the Edge of ripe hawthorn: the untold history of Russia, XX century”, has justified this decision by the fact that he was no longer young, and senior Russian leaders were determined to bring those arrested under the “tower”.

After the release

the confessions of Gennady Yanayev, is given in the publication “the emergency Committee. Was there a chance?” from the series “the Legacy of Tsar Boris” for a long time after his release, he could not find work. Only 10 years after the coup, he finally got lucky: Valery Kvartalnov, rector and founder of the International Academy of tourism had proposed Gennady Ivanovich place of the Department of history and international relations in your University. The Academy Yanaev continued to teach even after death Kvartalnov. However, finally gained the professional activities of Gennady Yanayev lasted only 8 years.

At the end of September 2010, the Russian press reported that Gennady was in intensive care. The reason for the emergency hospitalization of the former head of the emergency Committee withtalo cancer of the lungs. According to relatives, Yanaev was in critical condition. Save Gennady I. doctors could not: has not passed also day as in the media, it was announced about his death. He died 24 September 2010. While many Russian politicians, including Communist party leader Gennady Zyuganov, expressed his sympathy and condolences to Yanayev. Ex-Vice-President of the USSR rested on Troekurov cemetery of the capital.

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