General Telegin: for that best friend Zhukov gave 25 years of the Gulag

History 05/02/20 General Telegin: for that best friend Zhukov was given 25 years of Gulag

Sources containing information about “plundering” the General-Lieutenant Konstantin Telegin valuable property of defeated Germany, is more than enough. Relatives Telegin decades after the death of the commander even tried to sue one of the authors of such libels – writer-traitor, former GRU officer Viktor Suvorov (Vladimir Rezun).

Dug under Zhukov

the Daughter of Marshal Georgy Zhukov Era in an interview with “Historian” said that Konstantin Telegin and several officers from the inner circle Zhukov was arrested in the so-called “trophy case”, initiated at the instigation of Lavrenty Beria, for many years to collect on a Marshall dirt. Era Zhukova confirms that the father was very fond of his assistant (Telegin was Deputy Marshal and member of the military Council of the group of Soviet forces in Germany after the great Patriotic war).

a few months before his arrest Telegina, in 1947, the General-the Lieutenant was dismissed from the army due to a scandal involving the awarding military orders and medals 27 artists, among whom was the famous singer Lidia Ruslanova. Zhukov and Telegina was accused illegality of such awards. Arrest Telegin sanctioned by the chief military Prosecutor Nikolay Afanasiev, the injunction endorsed on 30 January 1948, the Minister of state security of the USSR Viktor Abakumov. Arrested a Lieutenant-General on suspicion of conducting anti-Soviet activities and looting in Germany.

“Trophies” Telegina

Konstantin Telegin was brutally tortured and forced to sign the necessary evidence, in letters to the leaders of the country Lieutenant-General admitted that he asked his executioners to hurry to kill him to otmuchilsya. Compiled by the investigators, “recognition” Telegin eventually signed. He was sentenced to 25 years in prison with confiscation of property. The verdict of the Military Collegium of the USSR Supreme court stated that the scope of the plundering and appropriation of captured property and assets were huge: only silver articles seized during the search, pulled by the PUD. In addition, Telegin found nearly two dozen hunting rifles, Antiques, valuable tapestries and paintings, hundreds of meters scarce at that time wool and silk fabrics.

In one of the materials of the “Military-historical journal” had quoted excerpts from the sentence in which it was said that the God during his stay on the territory of Poland and Germany in the years 1944-1946 valuable things and property is not “expropriated” and “bought for a song”. Zhukov later, when he was acquainted with knocked out of his other confessions, declared in writing to the Secretary of the Central Committee of the CPSU (b) Zhdanov, Andrei, told Telegina about the wrongness of the act in Leipzig (it was about buying furniture). More Marshal about Telegina said nothing.

whether Demanded Telegin return confiscated?

In 2016, a journalist and politician Alexander Hinstein has published the book “Ivan Serov. Notes from a suitcase”, supposedly based on recently discovered and previously unpublished records known figure in the KGB and GRU. A number of Russian historians consider this book to be a fake though, because proof of the authenticity of the sources on which it is based, was not available to the public.

Serov in 1951, was the first Deputy Minister of internal Affairs of the USSR. The book is [supposedly] his story about accessed Konstantin Telegin, who came after his release from prison with a request to return withdrawn from him during the search of things, among which, in particular, was 12 accordions (Lieutenant-General was released in 1951, and 2 years later, after the death of Stalin, were rehabilitated and reinstated in the armed forces of the USSR). According to Hinstein, Serov Telegin called “thief”, “coward” and “cowardly and lascivious Commissar” because he allegedly dragged him along with Zhukov to the plot against Stalin. And in the end things Telegino not given. Moreover, this book featured an interesting characteristic Telegin, attributed to Zhukov: when Serov reported to Marshal on the above visit Telegina, he said: “You, Ivan, probably during the war, not just watching it [Telegina] vile behavior.”

none of the public documents and interviews with well-known Marshal people like this (or similar tone) assessment of Zhukov and Telegin not.

Could the Soviet Lieutenant General to buy these?

According to a senior researcher of the Institute of military history of captain 1st rank Alexey Shishov, Konstantin Telegin, like Georgy Zhukov and other officers of the command group of forces in Germany, could not afford to purchase valuable items for the money: Lieutenant-General in 1945, received a salary of 50 thousand marks. The book, written on behalf of Ivan Serov (after the war he also was part of the command of the occupying army group), specify another salary – 10-12 thousand marks, “[which] so much [as Telegina] to buy was impossible,” (supposedly said Serov himself in his notes).

However, Shishov adds that the Germans, needing, sold Russian expensive things for next to nothing, and many officers used it.

Granddaughter Telegin Svetlana Smykova in 2002 he filed a complaint with the Prosecutor’s office, demanding to prosecute the author of the book “Shadow of Victory” of Vladimir Rezun (traitor-defector Viktor Suvorov), which in particular, called Telegin “standard theft.” The case came to nothing: sentenced in the USSR to capital punishment Rezun-Suvorov lives abroad.

Family Asmykovich with reference to the copies of case materials Telegin says that the document 42 filed invoices and receipts proving that they are a relative of Lieutenant General Konstantin Telegin’t looted, and I have bought all that he subsequently withdrew.

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the GULAG=main administration of camps. 25 years the main Directorate of camps?

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