Gang Bashkatova: the worst killer in Russian history

Another 05/02/20 Gang Bashkatova: the worst killer in Russian history

In the first years of Soviet power in the criminal investigation lacked real professionals, and the activity of criminals in this time has sharply increased. 11 years in the southern plains rampaged don Cossack Egor Bashkatov. The victims of his gang was a total of 459 people in the history of the European crime this is a record figure.

Of deserters in red army

Egor Bashkatov born in the Cossack village Semidesyati in the current Voronezh region, and early lost his father and mother. The teenager took care of strangers, but a worthy member of society it failed. In his youth Bashkatov drank and played cards, and in 1914, the 35-year-old Kazak was drafted into the army. However, to risk my life Bashkatova’t like it, and he deserted, for which he was convicted by the Tribunal and went to jail. Soviet power freed Bashkatova Amnesty, and for a time he was listed as a soldier. However, to join the party of the former deserter and the looter is not allowed.

“Good man” with the “medicine”

At the end of the Civil war in Russia was devastated. Thousands of people were literally thrown out of life. Did not return to peaceful work and Egor Bashkatov. At first he hunted petty theft, and in 1921, decided to wield a “big”. The object of attention Bashkatova and scored his accomplices have become internal migrants, which in many toured the country in search of work. Usually such people can be found at railway stations. Bashkatov acted on one scenario. He became acquainted with a traveling peasant and verses to him in confidence, learned all about him and his family. Then could offer the migrant a job and a bed. Remain with the victim alone and when she falls asleep, Bashkatov get “medicine”. So the culprit was called he invented a kind of bludgeon — rock in the pouch that was tied to the ropeti. They Bashkatov forever “lulled” the victims — it lacked a precise blow to the temple. It is noteworthy that the first victims of the ex-soldier was a female wanderer, which is low and lame Bashkatova been easier to deal with. He then moved his men, who with him had more money. At a time Bashkatov could kill a few people.

relatives of the dead were not a problem — even if they were reported missing to the police, it is unlikely that could help the investigation, because they did not know where the wanted were the last time. In addition, Bashkatov massacred entire families by sending the families of victims of the note with the words “I’ve adapted, it’s all right, come to me, you will meet a good man”. When relatives came, they were waiting for the same fate. Five accomplices helped Bashkatova to kill, and another 15 gang members were engaged in “dirty work” — they wash the clothes of the victims and sold their meager possessions in the markets. Only from 1921 to 1932 at the hands of murderers killed more than 4 hundred people, and he Bashkatov personally dealt with 121 victim. Capital Cossack, however, not saved — all proceeds criminals had eaten and drank up.

“Kill counter”

an end to the bloody epic “the steppe devils,” as they are called in the South of Russia, came in 1932. The Caucasian bandits on the usual scenario killed Vasily Yakovlev, and then “called” from Moscow with his wife Tamara with a baby. Bashkatov brought her to an abandoned house, where he again floated the “medicine”. Naked body was later found on the railway embankment. Since the murder was committed on the railway, to investigate joined the local KGB. Bashkatov trying to sell women’s and children’s clothes, was captured on the market. In his home found documents dozens of missing people, as well as a notebook, where the leader of the gang, why it was written down the information about all the murders. According to the alternative version, take Bashkatova operatives helped accident survivors another victim.

it is Noteworthy that at the trial Egor BAShkatov tried to prove that the initiative was led by the class struggle, killing the former “whites” and “kulaks”. The bandit admitted that “overdone” and the last word has asked to plant it for 5 years. But the punishment was more severe — Bashkatova and all the members of his gang were executed.

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