Have you ever wanted to pimp your ride? If yes, then you should definitely check out these gadgets that will turn your car into a mobile billboard.

Cars are often seen as status symbols, especially luxury cars. When someone sees your car rolling down the road, they’ll probably say something like ‘that guy has nice wheels’. Some people even go further and start bragging about their new rides, showing off their flashy accessories to friends and family.

However, owning a flashy car won’t do much good if no one notices it. That’s why you need to show off your car with some cool gadgets. These are the coolest gadgets you can add to your ride that will get people talking. From LED lights to solar panels, here are awesome gadgets that will make your car look like a total badass.

Gadgets to Pimp Your Ride

1. LED Lights

LEDs take the place of traditional bulbs because they’re brighter and have better visibility. They also don’t produce any heat or harmful radiation, unlike regular bulbs. If your headlights already have LEDs, you’ll be able to see much farther ahead at night. Otherwise, buy LED light bars for your front and back bumpers. You could also use them to spell out messages on the sides of your car.

2. Solar Panels

If you’ve got an extra $800 lying around, install solar panels on top of your roof instead of playing online casino games. This is a great way of using renewable energy to power your electronics such as GPS devices, phones, and computers. The sun provides free electricity without leaving a carbon footprint. All you need to do is install some equipment below the panel, connect the wires, and you’re ready to go.

3. Motorized Tailgate

If you want to really drive the point home that your car is unique, there are motorized tailgates available — one for each side of the vehicle. They open up automatically when you approach and close themselves once you pass. It may sound complicated, but actually setting them up takes less than five minutes. You can pick from several designs, so there’s sure to be something that suits your style.