Full tank — more bonuses: Gazprom Neft has announced a cool promotion for those who travels a lot driving

Refuel at the gas station “Gazpromneft” and automatic filling stations network. To participate in this promotion “Best turn” you will have calendar month to pour at least 30 liters of fuel at a time.*

so Much is included in the gas tank of even a small car if you fill up to full. So there is no discrimination — to get maximum bonuses every owner.

an Additional bonus is calculated, starting from the second gas station in a calendar month — 0.5 bonus for each full liter. At the third filling station — take away 1 bonus per gallon of fuel. Refuel for the fourth time in a month at least 30 litres, and two bonuses per liter of yours.

Bonuses for the action “Favorable turn” you get additional bonuses, accrued loyalty program “going my way”. The bonus is still equal to 1 ruble, can be accumulated to spend on fuel, delicious Breakfast and any goods in stores at filling stations network “Gazpromneft”.

by the Way, now bonuses you can share. You will be able to “add” a friend to the gas station to buy a coworker a Cup of coffee at the gas station or give a family member something useful. Please share your bonuses with those who need it, is easy and free.

Just put the bonuses on your balance through the mobile application “Chain of gas stations “Gazpromneft”. Need to know only the card number of the loyalty program “going my way” the recipient of the bonuses. Share bonuses until September 30, 2020. The presented bonuses you can use immediately.

Spend this summer is active — the car that will help you keep pace and catch a lot. Refuel with benefits and bonuses generously share with loved ones.

* In the action “Favorable turn” involves both gasoline and diesel fuel: AI-92, OP 92, AI-95, OPTI 95, AI-98, G-95, G-98, G-100, DT, DT OPTI, G-DT. The promotion runs from 15.07.2020 for 14.09.2020. Details can be found at the gas station “Gazpromneft”. When refueling, don’t forget to present the card “going my way”. You can also pay the co-brand card “Gazpromneft-Gazprombank (JSC)” or “Andavtodraiv Platinum”. Or to set up a virtual card in a mobile application and generally do not carry “plastic”.