The death of IS chief Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was a “devastating blow” to the terrorist organisation, which the terrible attacks, and has performed all over the world. That is, the united states secretary of Defense Mark Esper, said at the CNN program ” State of the Union. The Americans will continue to be vigilant, and we will also support potential new leaders, IS to establish what it sounds like. The various heads of government and ministers of the United States, in the meantime, thank you for your military operation.

“It was not only the leader but also the founder of the company and the group. He was in a lot of ways to be an inspiring leader. He created in 2014 and he made sure that the caliphate was set up in the region. This is a huge setback for them,” said Esper. Jesper added that the Americans, far from the sight of it will keep a record of what the next steps should be. “And if you are a new leader or leaders to emerge, then we will be behind them”, said the minister.

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According to the Est, president, Donald Trump, “at the end of last week, the order for the purposes of the operation, and after that he did a lot of the options presented had been received. The goal was to take him prisoner, or, if necessary, to kill him. “The president has made a clear decision has been taken, and our troops, and partners, who made a brilliant run,” said the minister.

On the question of the journalist, Jake Tapper, or that al-Baghdadi himself is, indeed, the life has been robbed, said Esper, “We have asked him to come out and self-surrender. It’s in an underground space, and have in the process, in order for him to get out of it, and a explosievenvest to explode, or so we think anyway, and is himself put to death.”

Two Us soldiers were slightly wounded during the operation, according to Est yet. Said He is only an ” US, K-9, a police dog was injured.