The French ex-president Jacques Chirac of france at the age of 86 and died. He died, according to his son-in-law peacefully, in the presence of his family and friends. Jacques Chirac was president of France from 1995 to 2007. He was also the mayor of Paris and twice as prime minister. Last years of his life as a politician, have been marred by corruption scandals.After his political career, he became the first French president ever to have been convicted of financial and corporate misdeeds.The question had already been having health problems and had been for years no longer open to the public.

over The past five years, he was far, far away from the cameras. His last official act is dated november 2014. Two decades after he made his debut in the Elysée, he has left the political scene. But he was, in the eyes of the French people is the most likeable president of the Fifth Republic,” as, essentially, opinion polls and surveys from the.