History 28/12/19 “Fraternal assistance”: the Bandera emigre helped Afghan dushmans

the Soviet War in Afghanistan showed that the West is ready to sympathize with any of the fighters against communism – including the Afghan rebels, Islamists. The leaders of the Mujahideen welcomed the heads of state of NATO, for example, the White house Ronald Reagan. Not far behind, and anti-Communist emigrants from the Soviet Union. Among those who in the 1980-ies had “a helping hand” the spooks were the Organization of Ukrainian nationalists (OUN)*.

“they Discussed the forms and methods of banditry”

For the Ukrainian nationalists collaboration with the Muslim Nations against the Soviet Union was not something new. Based in a handy Stepan Bandera, Yaroslav Stetsko’s Anti-Bolshevik bloc of Nations took an active part, for example, an organization such as the national Committee of the Association of Turkestan.

the Aggression of Moscow in Afghanistan, the OUN took it as another proof of the correctness of his views on the Soviet Union. They considered the Soviet Union an aggressive Empire seeking to conquer new countries. It is not surprising that the representatives of the OUN* established contacts with the Mujahideen. About these meetings are known, for example, declassified in Ukraine documents of the Republican KGB. Security staff closely monitored the activity of immigrants in the Central Asian “front”. Here is what was said, for example, in an internal memo “About the contacts with the leaders of Bandera with the Afghan counter-revolutionaries”

“received Ukrainian SSR data, in October 1984, in new York held a series of meetings of leaders of the Bandera I. Bilinskii, N. Swan, J. and L. Gayvas Totaly arrived from Pakistan by the Afghan counterrevolutionaries. They discussed the forms and methods of banditry against the Limited contingent of Soviet troops in Afghanistan on the basis of “experience of struggle” of Bandera in Ukraine in military and pelevainies. OUN members expressed their willingness to publish in Russian and Ukrainian languages defamatory and inflammatory nature for the purpose of distribution among Soviet troops in the DRA”.

Potential readers Bandera leaflets in Afghanistan were many. According to official data, the service in the Limited contingent was carrying 160 thousand natives of Ukraine (out of them 3360 were killed or disappeared without a trace).

the Soviet side has sought to emphasize the “lack of independence” of immigrants in the external contacts. For example, in the Yearbook “the theory and practice of ideological work” for 1985, it was noted that OUN* joined “antiphysical” propaganda “at the behest of Western secret services.”

Bandera in DRA

the Ukrainians contacts with the Afghans write and historians of the Ukrainian emigration. In the book canadian Professor Vic Satzewich “Ukrainian Diaspora” it is reported that in 1980 OUN* sent representatives to Afghanistan to offer support for the “Afghan freedom fighters”.

“the representatives of the OUN* distributed leaflets in which he tried to dissuade the Ukrainian and Russian soldiers of the Soviet army from attacks on the “heroic” Afghan people. OUN* also provided the Mujahideen with a mobile radio station, which was to be used, among other things, to broadcast anti-war messages for Ukrainian soldiers of the Soviet army,” – said the researcher.

Some forms of Bandera underground struggle and the guerrillas of the Mujahideen was really like. If in the Galician villages of the rebels in 1940-50-ies have built a sophisticated and technologically advanced underground shelters in Afghanistan of such shelters at the time of the Soviet invasion already existed – it was a traditional system of underground conduits of kerizov.

did the OUN propaganda some real influence on the military-Ukrainians, is unknown. However, it can be noted that among those who found themselves captured by dushmans and for many years “lost” in Afghanistan, there were several people from the Ukraine. These people adopted the Muslim faith and adopted the customs of the Afghans. Some of them were found and returned home only in 1990-2000-ies, while others remained in Afghanistan.

* this organization is banned in the Russian Federation.

Timur Sagdiyev

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