France no longer receives Russian gas through pipelines. As the French network operator GRTgaz announced on Friday, this has been the case since Wednesday and is also due to the “interruption of the gas flow between France and Germany”. Italy also receives less gas than agreed.

France gets 17 percent of its gas supplies from Russia, most usually via pipelines, and the rest as liquefied natural gas. As the French network operator also announced with a view to the coming winter, the storage tanks are 56 percent full. Around 50 percent is normal at this time.

According to the state-owned gas supplier Eni, the Russian energy company Gazprom promised 50 percent of the ordered delivery volume to Italy on Friday. Actually, 63 million cubic meters of gas were ordered from Russia that day. Gas deliveries had already been reduced in the previous few days: on Wednesday by 15 percent and on Thursday by 35 percent of the quantities ordered.