The operation was extended several times, now the fountain system in the Glockenblumenweg in the Rudow flower district is to be switched off on June 30th. This was announced by State Secretary Silke Karcher at the request of MP Marcel Hopp (SPD) (PDF). Accordingly, the water authority approval for the plant expires on that very day, further operation is not possible.

At the same time, in her reply, Karcher dampened hopes that the reopening of the Johannisthal waterworks could lower the groundwater level in the Blumenviertel – this is also only planned for 2032. The amount of water that is to be pumped in Johannisthal from 2032 roughly corresponds to that which is currently being withdrawn as part of the remediation of contaminated sites.

As has already been reported many times, the Rudower Blumenviertel has been struggling with rising groundwater and the resulting damp cellars since the plant was shut down. There has also been a dispute between the Senate and homeowners for years about who is responsible for lowering the water. The latter see the responsibility in the Senate, which, on the other hand, does not feel responsible.

The so-called groundwater pilot project was intended to support local residents, at least in part, in setting up their own, decentralized pumping systems. The Senate is making 2.3 billion euros available for the planning of appropriate systems – which, however, hardly any residents will agree to.

As can be seen from the response from the Senate, the planning for one facility has only been completed so far, and five other groups of residents are interested. Another case showed that pumping was not necessary at all.

In addition, the Senate Department is responding to a request from some of those affected, who had called for a central system under the responsibility of Berliner Wasserbetriebe. According to the proposal, the residents would then have had a financial stake in the facility through fees to the water company. According to Karcher, this solution cannot be implemented because it is not legally possible to collect the corresponding fees from the residents.