A good week after the forest fire broke out in southern Brandenburg, the fire was extinguished. This was announced by the deputy fire chief of the Liebenwerda association, Martin Neumann, on Tuesday. The large extinguishing measures in the Kölsa-Rehfeld area in the Elbe-Elster district on the border with Saxony have ended. The challenge now is to hand over the areas affected by the fire to the more than 60 owners, said Neumann.

Therefore, the community association will take over the fire watch until Wednesday. According to him, a central event for the forest owners is planned for Wednesday, at which the forest areas will be handed over to them. You then also take over the fire watch.

The fire broke out last Monday and quickly spread to around 800 hectares – an area about four times the size of Monaco. Bundeswehr, police, THW and firefighters from numerous districts in Brandenburg had fought against the flames. They were supported by forces from four federal states.

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The emergency services are concerned about the weather forecast for the coming days. The German Weather Service has announced highs of between 32 and 34 degrees and a high heat load for this Wednesday. On Thursday it should be up to 37 degrees hot.