“How-what’s your name?” — the phrase they hear almost every day. Someone believes someone asks several times, and someone starts to attack the questions — after whom they were named that way. We spoke to three Novosibirsk, whose name is Medea, Rafael and Apollinarius. And learned some family history hiding behind these names.

“Mama named me after the girl, pretty darling girl”

Medeya Kabanova, soldier.

— the name my mom gave me. She is Russian, and father is Georgian. Mom heard that name in 14 years. Her friend the girl so-called, was a Tomboy, but my mom doesn’t care the name much. Then she married a Georgian, who served in Novosibirsk. I was the third child in the family, among other things, the third daughter, but Medea, the mother called me, — says the Siberian.