For that Marines of the red Army did not like the Soviet pilots

History 04/02/20 For the infantry of the red Army did not like the Soviet pilots

Competition of different types of troops in the great Patriotic war – a painful topic. It would seem that all the hatred had to go to the enemy, but in a combat situation often arose of the complaint and to each other. Especially aversions infantry of the red Army had developed from “Stalin’s falcons”.

the Rivalry of the armed forces

In the poem by Alexander Tvardovsky “Vasily Terkin” is a characteristic fragment on mutual gossip of infantrymen, tankers and gunners. However, in respect of pilots, the representatives of the ground forces were unanimous:
Only in the acceptance of everything
Aviation scold.
the Problem of competition of the armed forces has long attracted the attention of military theorists, and in recent years she engaged in psychologists. First interested in how to avoid hatred between the fighters, while the latter try to understand why such hostility occurs and how it manifests itself.
the basis of rivalry is envy related to privileged position of some soldiers over others. Historically, many infantry, consisting of commoners, were jealous of “aristocratic” cavalry. In the early twentieth century this attitude has spread to the newly emerging labor forces, particularly aviation. During the First world war among the military pilots really dominated by the offspring of the most noble families of Europe. But in addition to the social causes of hostility were others.
“From the earth, from the trenches it seemed that the air war is completely different than at the bottom, free from blood and dirt. Not by chance in those years, pilots were called “knights of the sky”, says researcher Elena Senyavskaya.
She further adds that in society there was a romantic attitude to the profession of Aviator due to its uniqueness and even “fantastic” in those days.

the Resentment of the Soviet infantry

At the beginning of the great Patriotic war, towhen the Germans had air superiority, and on the heads of the infantry were constantly falling bombs, the pilots saw the real saviors, capable of confronting “the fascist vultures.”
But over time, the endless glorification of Soviet propaganda aviation was “salt in the wounds” of an ordinary infantryman. Land soldiers felt that the pilot was much more likely to survive than himself. The last of the war writer Vasil Bykov told me that in the infantry regiment, the average infantryman had to serve only a few months – then he either died or got to the hospital. Among those airmen who fought from beginning to end, was much more. Even a cursory comparison of the number of memoirs published by pilots and infantry, shows a fourfold advantage in favor of the first.
Sometimes the Marines blamed the aircraft that due to their maneuvers, they are subjected to massive German attacks.

“I Found where to sit! Now you Krauts gave us a bath – Kutenkov howl. The best places not found!”, – leads the phrase to meet him on the ground of Soviet soldiers pilot Musa Gareev, the plane of which Stalingrad was shot down by an enemy fighter. However, to the killings in such cases is not reached.
Also infantry are acutely aware of the inequality of opportunities for combat and as a consequence rewards. At the ground troops were much more limited in the literal sense of “range of vision”. The Marines could see nothing, except the trenches, while the pilot surveyed the entire area of the front, and his personal decisions depended much more. This is evidenced by statistics of awarding the title of Hero of the Soviet Union, especially in the initial period of the war. 625 awarded from 22 June 1941 to 18 November 1942 286 people (45%) served in the air force and the only fighter 241 (38%) came from the army. The latter in quantitative terms always prevail over the other branches of the military.

From 1942 to 1945, a clear dominance of aircraft among those who received a star gerOYA was not, however, a significant discrepancy between the number of personnel and amount awarded was preserved. Note that the three times hero of the Soviet Union, along with Marshal Budyonny was a Soviet aces fighter – Ivan Kozhedub and Aleksandr Pokryshkin. And among double-Characters – 68 pilots and only 7 infantry.

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