For that General who revived in the USSR Suvorov military school, was sentenced to death

Heroes 16/02/20 For that General, which was revived in the USSR Suvorov military school, was sentenced to death

Today, the name of Alexei Ignatiev almost forgotten. Meanwhile, it was he who initiated the revival in Soviet Suvorov schools, as well as the introduction in the red Army epaulets. However, Ignatiev was able to say goodbye to life, while still in France. After the revolution the emigrants declared the former count real war.

In the tsarist army

Alexey Ignatiev was born in 1877 in Saint-Petersburg in a noble family. If you believe the Denis Solovyov, the author of the publication “All the generals of Stalin”, Ignatieff graduated from His Majesty the case, and then the Nicholas Academy of the General staff. Subsequently, Alexei studied the case of cavalry and was appointed a squadron commander. By 1908, having been on the fronts of the Russo-Japanese war, count Ignatiev was promoted to the rank of Colonel. Then Alexei was military attache: in this position, he served in the Scandinavian countries: Denmark, Sweden and Norway.

In 1912, Alexei Ignatiev was appointed a military agent in France. Wrote mark Czarna in the publication “Time and its heroes”, during the First World war through the hands of Ignatieff took military orders that the Imperial government placed in France and in other countries: the count oversaw the execution of orders, monitoring delivery of products to Russia, and was responsible for the safety of Russian military property and funds. It is the latter duty and became decisive in the fate of Ignatieff. The fact that after the revolution he was the only person in France having the right to dispose of the account of Russia in the “Banque de France”.

of 225 million francs

Despite the fact that in 1917, Alexey Ignatyev continued to reside abroad, he met the revolution that occurred in Russia, with joy. However, he served in Paris until 1937, however, already on the side of the Soviet government. According to Oleg Smyslov, author of “Love in the service of the Tsar”, after the victory of the Bolsheviks, many countries close to the Russian accounts were in foreign banks. But the French Ignatiev managed to beat: in 1924 he transferred to 225 million francs, once intended for the procurement of weapons, at your own expense, and after came to the Soviet Embassy asking in return for money to give to his Soviet passport and allowed to return home.

However, Alexei Ignatiev had to stay in the French capital: he was determined to work in the Soviet trade mission. At the time Ignatieff was in complete isolation: immigrants condemned him for what he gave the same amount of Soviet Russia. According to Konstantin Zalesskiy in the encyclopedia “Great Patriotic war” in emigre circles Alexey Alekseevich has declared a real boycott. Statement condemning the act of the former count had signed and his brother. Moreover, according to some, Ignatieff was sentenced to death. However, a few years later he left France alive and unharmed.

In service in Soviet Russia

After returning home Alexey Ignatiev was appointed inspector of military schools. As claimed by Mireille Massip, in his book “Truth the daughter of time. Alexander Kazem-Bek and the Russian emigration in the West”, in fact Ignatieff responsibilities was to teach army some manners. It is not surprising that Graf became the initiator of revival in Soviet Suvorov schools. The text of the letter Ignatieff with the same offer to Joseph Stalin, dated April 1943, given in the book Krivoruchko A. P. and A. A. Krivoruchko “Suvorov – the pride of the Fatherland.” So thanks to Alexey Alekseevich in Soviet Russia there is Suvorov and Nakhimov. Moreover, with the filing of Ignatiev, the red Army had entered wearing epaulettes.

according to Vladimir Sokolov, the author of the book “Military human intelligence. History beyond ideology and politics”in the same 1943, on the personal instructions of Stalin, Alexei Ignatiev was awarded the title of Lieutenant-General. 4 years after that Alexey Zubkov has resigned. While on retirement, he wrote a memoir entitled “50 years in the ranks”. However, according to Sokolov, even the commander did not disclose the reasons that led him after the revolution to move to the side of Soviet power and to return home. However, the age Ignatieff lived quietly and in the Soviet Union. He died soon after the death of Stalin in 1954.

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