Traveling with A woman from the Eastern part of Flanders, Destelbergen, has, against all odds, in one case, that of them this past summer, lost it during a trip in China. Marie-Christine Kok at (65) he forgot the bag on a busy high-speed rail link to the city of Hangzhou. Her guide told her that the probability of “virtually zero” was that she was her husband will ever return, but he did it in the wrong way.

Cook, on her journey to the eastern part of China, and visited in Beijing and Shanghai. It was on the 13th of June, in the high-speed train to Huangshan (“Yellow Mountain to Hangzhou, which is what had happened.

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“I travelled in a group of four people and we were all in a conversation, hit it with a few other tourists from Indonesia,” she said. “I think that’s why I was distracted. It is a fact that when I got off, I was alone with my backpack and my huge suitcase to take. In my case, that I was in the top of the roof was crowded, I had to simply.”

When she discovered that her bag was still on board the ship, it was too late, the train had already left. “In the bag and were lucky not to have valuable items or documents, but rather practical things, such as an inflatable neck pillow, a rain jacket, and a pair of sunglasses, and a nifty sweater. Nothing for my journey in the war and was able to send it, though. My valuables were sitting happily in my backpack.” (read on below)