Fired the coach, to communicate with young hockey players blows to the head

Where is the end of hard sports training and the normal assault? About the methods of preparing future Champions argue after the scandal in Balashikha. There the coach of the hockey club “avant-garde” literally put science into his players — a hockey stick to the head and shots on the ice. After the story became public, the coach was fired. But some parents unexpectedly announced that the hockey they need.

“You hurt? — No. It shows we still don’t understand. This is necessary to convey to us. — And how it communicates? Sometimes he may hit,” says the young athlete.

On the ice of the sports Palace in Balashikha, a nine-year-old players of the hockey club “Avangard” and unhappy with their coach. Trying to get through to everyone: literally. After a few strokes, throws.

“He’s leaving us for the third time only. When we have already 10 times said. We did not understand him. He is angry and throws it. — On the ice throws? – Yes.”

Coach these guys — Igor Nikolaev, a former professional hockey player: “actually occurred on working time. Of course, not very pleasant looks. Coach. which works, but shouldn’t always have to find something unlawful”.

Elena Kuraeva — the mother of one of the boys — she has repeatedly seen rigid method of work of the coach: “In one of the meetings Kurdin said the following sentence: We don’t need a violinists and scientists. we raise cattle. So it will be strict screening. Who can not stand the pressure, he is not trained here”.

The amazing thing is that most parents of young hockey players, share this opinion. Sure the only way you can grow a true champion.

“we’re in a time concise, there is no one to be the handle to drive the first steps to do. You know, there the guys have almost become professionals,” said the father of one of young hockey players.

“It’s not a kick! It is toAK pointer to show on the Board!” – in solidarity with him, the mother of another boy.

“This is the best coach in Russia, the best!” – I’m sure another woman.

the club “Avant-guard” recognizes that complaints of Nikolaev took a long time.

“We responded, conducted an internal conversation, talk, often, we always found solutions, and the coach apologized,” — said Nikita Tarasevich, Director of development hockey Academy “avant-garde” in the regions.

But so on the same ice has been working with young athletes the head coach “Avant-garde” Gennadi Kurdin.

But neither the club nor the Kurdin these mildly controversial teaching methods not commented. And the coach continues to work.

“could You comment on this video? — Foot and don’t want, you’re interrupting our work!” – said Kurdin.

the violence in the world of children’s sport is becoming almost the norm. Here in Chelyabinsk, the teacher in gymnastics for errors braids pulled by the future Champions.

But in Moscow, the coach teaches the young players to score. And many adults believe: so be it.

“Should we wait for the results, if we’re going to iron only on the head? Will not be champion trainer hypermacho, always smiling, not giving back and not able to get. Deep misconception that our great coaches were always soft and smiling,” — said Vadim Gushchin, a sports psychologist.

And that’s what he thinks about one of the most famous of our players.

” I’ve been in hockey for over 40 years and do not remember to have someone beat and the more stick to the head. Well, get out, someone on the street hit on the head, I’ll see what you will be for it. At least get a very strong response or you will be arrested. I have three children, son is a hockey player, but we somehow find a way to communicate — sometimes it hard to explain. But I think words need to explain”—says Pavel Bure, Soviet and Russian hockey player, world champion in 1990.

Well, the guys from “Avant-garde” is now the new coach. After investigation, the club management decided to dismiss Nikolaev.