Formula 1: Sebastian Vettel has grand prix Formula 1 in Singapore and won the game. The German’s Ferrari on the street circuit of Marina Bay, all to be finished soon. After 392 days it was finally touch Vettel for the fifth time in his career he has won in Singapore. In the second place, it was Vettels team mate Charles Leclerc, who is the party to complete it for a Ferrari. Max Verstappen finished third, Lewis Hamilton fourth.

all The start-up in Singapore, went smoothly without any major incidents. Charles Leclerc was in the forefront, and the Monegask ran for a second on the first car of Lewis Hamilton. In the background is also very little variation. Max Verstappen continued to hang out at 4, but he’s aasde in the place of Sebastian Vettel. Also, Valtteri Bottas followed in the far east.

for The first nineteen laps was not a lot of action on it, but then it had to be in the top of the burner, in starting the course. Red, smooth and soft tyres had seen better days and it is a tactical game started. Whose plan would be the best one prove to be? Vettel and Verstappen went into hiding at the same time, within a day later, also in Leclerc. Hamilton just kept driving.